Does your cat like to play peek-a-boo? And, if so, does she understand that it’s the ears that give her away?

Our cat Peep was really into peek-a-boo when she was a kitten, but has grown out of it. It’s too bad. She had enormous ears back then, like a bat’s, and has since grown into them.

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11 comments on “Peek-a-Boo!

  1. I always loved it when my cats played peek-a-boo with me – or with each other 🙂 One of my cats actually liked to play ‘catch’ with me – I would roll a small cat ball to him and he would bat it back. He never seemed to tire of it and neither did I. Cats are the best!

  2. There are few things as cute as a cat popping it’s head up, after concealing themselves. They are such amazing creatures.

    Cats are fun, pretty and very useful. They keep the home free of pests and they are all but essential if you want to store grain, where mice are a huge problem.

    1. Even since I posted my prior comment. Just walking through my bedrooom I was greeted with a little squeak of a meow, just to let me know she was aware I had walked by. Then I returned to the couch and she decided to join me, so as I type I’m being purred at and cuddled. These little guys are a Divine gift.

  3. What amazes me, is how well integrated creation is. Cats are appealing to us on many levels and we tend to love them as pets. Globally, I believe that they are the most popular mammal to be kept as a pet.

    But they are also good for us. If you have a cat, rodents will pick up on the scent and stay away. Any foolhardy rodent that decides to brave invading your home will likely become a snack. But that’s not the end of the story, cats seem to be pleased with the arrangement as well.

    Add children to the mix and you have another element wherein cats and humans benefit one another. Most children are drawn to cats and I’ve seen temperamental old cats just wilt when a small child picks them up. Somehow, cats seem to tolerate children to a much greater degree than one would expect, given their independent nature.

    This can’t be a product of random chance.

    1. As always, Unknowable, your analysis is right on point! – and I completely agree. Cats are also excellent at assessing our moods. If we’re upset or sad, they don’t seem to mind cuddling with us while we make a salty mess of their fur. Independent, and yet demonstrably loving.

    2. One thing that has always astounded me, is the fact that cats seem to know just how to behave if you are sick. A while back, I was fighting off a bad cold and my little cat stayed nearby, yet she was never a pest. She is very patient at such times and doesn’t complain if I don’t refill her food bowl before it’s empty.

    3. Yes, they’re very nurturing. Many a nursing mama cat has accepted orphan babies from a variety of different species, caring for them as one of her own.

  4. At one time, we had four cats; two seal point Siamese, one gold tiger and one large black and white male. The two siamese, especially the older one, would hide and wait until the tiger came strolling past and jump on him. They found the strangest places to hide, like in one of the bath tubs,
    behind the drapes, inside the fireplace, and sometimes even in the kitchen
    cabinet lower shelves (if I didn’t catch them first) That way, they could
    waylay the tiger that for some reason, they loved to pick on.

    1. Cats are the best at hide ‘n seek – and pouncing! One of my cats used to pounce on my poor mom when she was carrying a basket of laundry 🙂

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