Help Me Win This Fantastic Prize!

Think of it–just 53 more hits on this blog, and I’ll have made 6,000 views for the month of February, which is two days short.

Now, do you see that fascinating insect up there? I am assured that I am in the running to win it as a prize! Mr. Nature says it’s some kind of cricket. Joe Collidge says it’s his ex-roommate. Well, who cares what it is? It’s a prize!

Round up your friends and send ’em over here tonight: almost four hours left to go.

Who knows? You, too, might be a lucky winner. Of a cool big bug.

14 comments on “Help Me Win This Fantastic Prize!

  1. What an odd looking little bug. The legs look like it could be in the hopper family, and they do come in various colors.

    1. Well, whatever he is, he’s pretty quick getting out of the way of traffic 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen that before. Cool-looking, though, wearing those “bumble-bee” stripes. So…..what will you do with this little fella should you win? Hmmm? What does your wife think of this critter?

    1. Meanwhile, Marge, while we’re all here trying our best to win Lee this crazy critter, do you suppose he’s gone to bed? LOL

    2. No, I haven’t gone to bed. But I did fall asleep in my chair, watching Miss Marple. Now I’m here grooving on everybody’s comments–following which, it’s bedtime for the folks at Chez Leester. Today was very frustrating, and Joan Hickson as Miss Marple is very soothing… and I just conked out.

      Oh! And thanks to you and Unknowable, Marge and Erlene, and Marlene, I’ve got my 6,000 hits and I suppose I can claim by big foul-tempered cricket as a prize.

    3. Hurray! And congratulations on your new pet. I’m sure Patty will be thrilled – and Robbie and Peep should be fascinated 🙂

      Rest well, kind sir, You’ve earned a good night’s sleep. God bless you. You’re always in my prayers.

  3. I have never seen so many different creatures before. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Too absorbed in cats, perhaps?

  4. And speaking of cats: I once worked in a pet supply store, a small one. Pat sold all sorts of t-shirts that were animal-related. Being a cat-mommy at the time I found my favorite t-shirt among all the others: “In ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as gods. Years have passed but cats have never forgotten this.”

  5. Congratulations, Lee, on winning. I’m sure you’ll keep us on this new pet. I’m sure that your will welcome him.

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