These Prices–Wow!

The Last Banquet (Bell Mountain Book 4) by [Duigon, Lee]

The folks at The Chalcedon Foundation, who publish my books ( ), got quite a charge this morning when they looked on and found The Cellar Beneath the Cellar selling for $2,900 and change per copy.

“I should’ve held on to more of Lee’s books,” said one. “Is this some kind of money laundering?” asked another. “And to think you get can my autograph on Ebay for only $30,” remarked our president.

But that was only some of the fun. Amazon had priced The Glass  Bridge at $1,471.48 (48 cents?) and The Last Banquet at $689.59. When I checked a little while ago, a used copy of The Last Banquet was priced “from $556.96.” From? You mean it gets higher?

Please don’t tell me anyone has volunteered to pay those prices.

By now, except for that little hiccup with Banquet, seems to have rectified the errors. One of our editors thought maybe my books had been swept into the Trump boom. If only!

But I guess y’all better glom onto The Throne before the price goes up. Again.

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  1. I had noticed that and thought that perhaps it was out of print at the moment and that they were gouging.

    I’ve seen it with other things. There’s a jazz CD called Jazz Winds From A New Direction that seems to go in and out of print like clockwork. I’ve owned it since back in the days of vinyl and bought it on CD the moment it was available. Since then, I’ve seen it hit as high as $600 for a used copy. Here’s the deal, if someone else lists a copy for $20.00, that $600 price will instantly drop to $19.99, because the seller is tracking the price via computer. It’s just another nasty little game of the e-commerce era.

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