‘The Kingdom of God Will Both Endure and Grow’

Mark Rushdoony on Charity & Welfare - YouTube

We have a brief message this morning from Chalcedon’s president, Mark Rushdoony.


Mark continues to prepare his father’s manuscripts for publication (hard to keep up with R.J. Rushdoony as he wrote them!), including a possible trilogy on “the irrationality and suicidal course of man in his rebellion against God.”

Rushdoony’s observations and insights, which he wrote down 50 years ago, are startlingly applicable to today’s religious and cultural scene.

All Rushdoony’s books are available via the Chalcedon Store at http://www.chalcedon.edu/ .

‘The Great Fear and the Great Faith’ (Chalcedon Podcast)

Why a Strong Network Foundation Is Needed to Support Emerging Tech | BizTech Magazine

Can anyone deny that the time we’re living in today is burdened with its own Great Fear? COVID, Climate Change, Systemic Racism–oh, woe, we’re all gonna die! Unless, of course, we give the government more power. And lots and lots more money.

But what is the answer, the antidote, to the Great Fear? Can it be shut off before it leads to a reign of terror?

Mark Rushdoony, Martin Selbrede, and Andrea Schwartz–my honored colleagues at Chalcedon–discuss that in this recent podcast:


It’s about an hour long.

The wicked and the ungodly are running wild today–and they are feeding off the Great Fear that they themselves have sown!

Asks Psalm 11, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Our answer: “Build Biblical foundations, founded on God’s word; and these will not be destroyed.”

Chalcedon’s Own Butterfly

Natural Sightings #618 - Chalcedon Checkerspot.JPG

Behold! Imagine our excitement, when us’uns at the Chalcedon Foundation discovered that we have our own butterfly (sort of)–the Chalcedon Checkerspot Butterfly.

This gorgeous photo is by Toshimi Kristoff, recently published by the Tehachapi News.

This morning in New Jersey we have snow and ice piled all over the place, a leaden sky, and a forecast of more snow on the way. So it’s rather refreshing to us, to look at a butterfly!

Today it sure don’t look it, but spring is coming. God has promised it.

‘Connecting Christians: The Next Step in Chalcedon’s Mission’

Ford and Andrea Schwartz

Ford Schwartz, on Chalcedon’s board of directors, worked with me to produce this article.


If you get nothing else from Chalcedon’s message, at least get this: Your calling is your calling. You don’t have to be the pastor. You can sell cars, pilot an airplane, take part in a Bible study group, and even write fantasy novels: whatever it is, you can do it as a servant of the Lord, for His glory and Christ’s Kingdom.

Which makes us all, each of us, kind of important.

I Did It! Huzzah!

Exhausted Cat - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat ...

Two thousand words, with a deadline breathing down my neck–but I did it! And all in one sitting, too. Thank you, Jesus! And may my work be fruitful in your service.

Of course my brain is now frazzled–and I wonder: dast I take a bike ride? A bit on the cold side, but otherwise a lovely sunny day. Can I do it without blowing out my knee? Oh, I’ll just avoid the hills.

I’m so glad I was able to carry out that assignment. Chalcedon has been good to me, has provided me with a livelihood for going on 20 years, and I do try always to do the best job I can for Chalcedon’s ministry. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the hi sign to start my next Bell Mountain book. That would be No. 14 in the series. Still a long way from catching up to Tarzan or Hercule Poirot.

See you later for cat video theater–or whatever other critter takes my fancy.

Jailed–for Succeeding Where the Medical Establishment Failed

Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore, Preventive Medicine Physician in ...

Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore

Yesterday we posted a history video about Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, who was destroyed by the medical establishment of the mid-1800s for virtually stamping out fatal “child-bed fever” at hospitals under his authority.

Present-day America has its own Semmelweiss. Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore, in Massachusetts, developed a successful system for treating and curing opioid addiction. His reward for that? In 2011 the state shut down all 52 of his clinics and threw him in jail.


Our managing editor at Chalcedon, Martin Selbrede, covered this bizarre story in deail from its beginning to the present. We have a link to Article No. 15 in the series because it provides links to the earlier articles, in order.

It’s standard practice to treat drug addiction by giving the patient other addictive drugs, like methadone. Dr. Kishore abandoned that, and replaced it with a treatment regime whose goal was not “managing” addiction, but curing it.

Like Semmelweiss, Dr. Kishore had dramatic results to prove his success.

Like Semmelweiss, the establishment–politicians, the “news” media, pharmaceutical companies, and high-ranking physicians–came down on him with everything they had. Semmelweiss died in a mental hospital. Dr. Kishore went to jail. At the age of 65, they had him cleaning streets–which impaired his health.

Unlike Semmelweiss, Dr. Kishore lived through his ordeal and, in the midst of persecution, found advocates and allies. So his struggle continues.

It’s all in Martin’s articles. It may be rather hard to believe–but believe it.

‘How Much Honesty Is There in Civil Government?’

(from the Chalcedon Foundation’s Youtube channel)

Very little news escaped R.J. Rushdoony’s notice; and his commentaries, recorded 30, 40, or 50 years ago, seem right on target today. A lot of us just now are asking, “How much honesty is there in civil government?” What with the talentless offspring of various high-level politicians being awarded fantastically lucrative no-show jobs with assorted foreign business entities… Gee, it sure doesn’t look honest.

In 1980, Rushdoony recalls, the Internal Revenue Service audited 168 of its own auditors–and found “serious errors” perpetrated by more than half of them. And their underpayments were about twice as big as those made by the citizens whom they were auditing.

“When we trust in God,” Rushdoony said, “we become more trustworthy ourselves, to the extent that we obey Him.”

The IRS can’t make us honest. Only God’s Spirit can do that.

Our Mission Statement

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Thanks to a comment made by Heidi this morning, I’ve been thinking about how to define the purpose of this blog. It was originally set up to promote my Bell Mountain books and hopefully stir up sales; but it has since grown into something more.

It’s not something I set out to do on purpose; it just sort of happened. Much of the credit goes to you, the readers. Together we have done enough to give birth to a mission statement. And here it is. Here’s what this blog is supposed to do.

Provide a place for Christian fellowship, including the posting of hymns, hymn requests, prayer requests, reblogs of posts on other Christian blogs, and Bible study. I love it when readers get to talking to each other. Nor do you have to be a Christian to be allowed in: the door is open to you, too. It’s important for us to comfort, encourage, counsel, inspire, and teach one another.

Praise the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and the works of God the Creator, proclaim the Lordship of Christ, and assert His crown rights as the King of kings.

Outreach. This blog is a small part of the larger ministry of the Chalcedon Foundation.

Provide opposition to, and skepticism for, the pretensions of secular humanism–the climate change cult, Darwinism, transgender, and all the rest of those Really Smart Ideas that are actually abominable and stupid. The highest card in their hand is their claim to being vastly more intelligent than ordinary people–a claim that must be regularly and vigorously challenged. They deserve to be satirized, and I try to provide that. Hence Joe Collidge.

Provide good humor, pleasant memories, and fun. A good laugh is the gift of God. So is a happy memory. Hence features like “Oy, Rodney” and Memory Lane. And the comment contests, the quokkas, etc.

And yes, I’m still trying to promote my books along the way.

Anyway, that’s our mission–and we’re doing it together.

Chalcedon’s Back!

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Our Chalcedon website’s up and running again. We still don’t know what (or who!) caused it to go down, but at least it’s up again.

And now I can reblog that piece by Martin Selbrede, “Alabama Conference Represents a Stake in the Ground.”


Martin was one of many speakers, last April, at “Domestic Abuse and the Church,” who stressed the need for the church to recognize domestic abuse as a reality and to believe and support those who supper from it. Isaiah 32:1-8 stresses the believer’s duty to be a refuge to those in need: not an added difficulty, but a refuge.

I guess it’s stuff like that that makes us “Haters,” eh?

If I’m Not Here Tomorrow

Now, in addition to our Chalcedon website being down, our email communications have been ravaged. What I send to my editor now comes out as gibberish.

It’s beginning to look like vandalism.

So if I’m not here tomorrow, if this blog is not here, it’ll because they’ve gone after this aspect of our ministry, too.

Please pray for us. Lord, we are your servants and they go after us because they can’t reach up to you. Deliver us out of their hands, and triumph over your enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.