Ha, Ha, Ha, We Got It Anyway!

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This trophy’s for my wife, who has found Aunt Joan’s birth certificate, tucked away among the family papers where we missed it the first time. Heck, she even found Joan’s mother’s birth certificate, vintage 1886.

So take that, you nasty, surly, obstructive little paper-pusher in the Plainfield Bureau of Vital Statistics! Fooey, in your general direction! We’ve got it anyway, and now we can proceed with arranging Joan’s continued care.

Thank you, Lord!

4 comments on “Ha, Ha, Ha, We Got It Anyway!

  1. AMEN!!!!! Can everyone out there please Pray for my mother Katy, she is being admitted to the hospital, 18 years of battling stage 4 breast cancer and she is afraid and is very ill. Thank you Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Shannon B.

  2. Shannon, your mom and you will be in my prayers. Cancer of all types is a brutal thing. My husband is battling stomach cancer too. God bless you dear.

    Lee – congratulations and hurray for Patty! It’s my firm belief learning over time how much Patty saves you – from computer glitches to birth certificates – you would be lost were It not for her 🙂 – and that’s as it should be. You and Patty are very blessed.

    Anyway, HURRAY! 🙂

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