Last Days, Or Just Bad Days?

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Gone are the days…

I understand why people think we’ve living in the Last Days, in the run-up to the Apocalypse, as described in Revelation. We’re living in an age of freaks and weirdos, with powerful and wealthy institutions promoting wickedness for all they’re worth.

Walt Disney’s movies and cartoons were a big part of my childhood. Who didn’t love Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck? Dumbo? What kid didn’t watch the Disney television shows?

Now Disney is about to release a live-action remake of its 1991 animated cartoon feature, Beauty and the Beast, featuring what is proudly billed as the “entertainment” giant’s “first exclusively gay moment” ( ). I think there are a lot of us who would like to be excluded.

This is a film intended for children. To teach them that “gay is great,” I guess. Like they teach them in the public schools. Like parents allow strangers to teach them. Why do they allow it? Don’t ask me. Ask the Bible. Romans Chapter One, the part about reprobate minds.

This is evil, this is poison, and those of us who oppose it have no power to stop it. We can’t get at the controls of the runaway train.

What can we do? More to the point, what will God do?

What I say unto you I say unto all: Watch!  –Mark 13:37

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  1. Jesus said that when we see ALL of the things he predicted happening at the same time, that would be the sign. I’ve seen Godlessness and lawlessness all of my life, but never before have I seen such a flood of Godless behavior. It makes the sixties look like a church picnic, and the sixties were horrid.

    By 1979, I figured we were going under for the third time, then a new president came in and had a conservative counterpart in London. It seemed that the tidal wave of Godlessness petered out quickly thereafter and we had greater prosperity which lasted for over 25 years. Then, quite suddenly, it seemed that the props were knocked out from under that prosperity and we began the plunge into the sickening reality of our time. I’ve often wondered just what happened, and wondered why it seems like the End was delayed, but apparently it truly was.

    Zechariah prophesied that Jerusalem would become a burden to the nations and that seems to be happening, right before our eyes. Anti-semitism is growing daily and more an more people are making Aliyah, from all around the globe. This is prophesied in several places, but Jeremiah 23 comes immediately to mind. The point is, all of this is only serving to make Zechariah’s prophecy come true. As to how God deals with unbelievers in Israel, I won’t speculate, but I believe that He will use Israel to vindicate His name.

    All of the above tells me that some profound events are not on the horizon, they are here and now.

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