Bonus Hymn: ‘In His Time’

Thanks to Erlene for suggesting this: In His Time. I don’t know who sings it, but whoever selected the photos deserves a round of applause.

Why butterflies and flowers? Like Mr. Nature says, it’s God’s stuff, it always works, it’s good for us–and it’s God’s way of letting us know He’s never farther than a prayer away. And sometimes even closer than that.

2 comments on “Bonus Hymn: ‘In His Time’

  1. Thank you, I love this song. Dont remember any more who is singing, but I have heard several different people sing to the same background music.

  2. I’d like to request another great song favorite: Have Thine Own Way, Lord
    and the best version I found was by Jim Reeves. This is my prayer, too.

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