‘Cursed Be Him Who Moves My Bones’

That’s what it says on Shakespeare’s tombstone; but he forgot that dogs can’t read.

Here are some dogs very busy moving bones to safe places, to be enjoyed later. All these places are indoors, which makes digging holes a problem. Watch how the dogs attempt to solve it.

Ever wonder what dogs or cats might do, if only they had hands? Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

8 comments on “‘Cursed Be Him Who Moves My Bones’

  1. Can you imagine the frustration?

    Years ago, we walked outside to find our dog (a 165 lb. wolf/Belgian shepherd mix) attempting to bury a side of beef he had apparently snatched from the farmer down the road. It was hilarious watching him trying to bury it, but I’ll bet it was even funnier to anyone who saw him dragging it home! Fortunately, the farmer was good natured about it 🙂

    1. And I hope you were duly impressed – when a cat presents you with ‘dinner’ it’ a high honor indeed since they only hunt for themselves and their family 🙂

    2. This was when I was a child. We lived in the country and there were acres of open fields surrounding our yard. There was a sidewalk, parallel to the front of the house and he’d leave his trophies across from the front or, on the far side of the sidewalk, just in case we wanted to grab a snack on the way by. 🙂

      That was my first cat, a huge gray tabbie, unneutered and as sweet natured as any male cat I’ve ever known. He had a short, but love-filled life and adored my mother.

      Sometimes I get a tear in my eye, thinking about some of my cats. As good as they are at hunting rodents, cats are even better as capturing hearts.

    3. You’re so right! Cats are wonderful at capturing hearts. People who say they don’t like cats have never actually met one.

      My first cat as a child was a gray tabby too – and also an unneutered male 🙂 His name was Maynard. He’s the one who used to meet me at the school bus stop after school and run up the front of me and drape himself across my shoulders for the walk home. He would also bring me presents from his hunts. I sure did love that little guy.

      Anyone whose life includes the love of a cat is blessed indeed. 🙂

    4. I’m not sure how he knew where to look – do you suppose it was a lucky guess? LOL

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