Roadblocks to Utopia

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Here are a few built-in limitations to government that liberals and other statists will never understand. Their ideology forbids them to accept these as true. Nevertheless, they are.

*Government cannot force anyone to like or respect someone else. Efforts to do so only make people angry.

*Government has no power to abolish any part of human nature. “Hate,” for instance. They think they can make it against the law; but the most they can do is re-direct it. Even in Blue States, you can still hate Christians, smokers, Republicans, people who own businesses, and Climbit Change Deniers.

*Government has absolutely no power to create wealth, although it’s really great at inhibiting the creation of wealth. Government has no money of its own–only what it can squeeze out in taxes from whoever is creating wealth. All government programs must be paid for, one way or another. “Free stuff” isn’t free. God help us if the federal government ever goes broke: which it could, if sane fiscal policies are not installed quite soon.

*Government has no power over the ordinary processes of nature–the sun, the sea, movements of the earth, and so on. They claim they do, but that’s a lie.

*Government cannot survive radical cultural change without radically altering its form and replacing its personnel, often with extreme violence. If you want to keep your free republic, based on a rule of law, you have to keep the culture that nurtures it. This is why utopian statist schemes always result in piles of dead bodies.

Because all of these things are true, and cannot be altered by any human power, all attempts to create an earthly paradise by the power and wisdom of the state–that is, fallible and sinful human beings–must end in abject failure.

Think about it.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more and especially on the third point.

    Th government has no money, not a red cent. They are almost certainly the largest debtor on earth. Having lots of stuff does not make you rich. The government has lots and lots of stuff, but they have much more debt than the value of their assets. The only source of their ability to get credit is that lenders believe that the American people will make good.

    The problem is that only works if the people are producing and creating wealth. I don’t see very much of that going on around me, these days. The U.S. manufactures a fraction of what it consumes and exports very little compared to the past. We’ve done fairly well with regard to high tech, but more an more of that is happening off-shore, as well.

    We have a high standard of living, but that is the very thing that prices us out of the global market. All around me, I see expensive cars, and lots of gadgets, but I suspect that the people with those items are strapped with mountains of debt.

    By the time I was in my thirties, I realized that debt enslaves (why didn’t I take note of that where it appears in the bible) and started to see debt as an enemy. Many people never seem to learn that lesson and our government’s spending policies reflect that.

    Ultimately, our government is a reflection of trends within our society. There are plenty of people out there that disagree with the way our government is doing business, but there are a lot of very vocal people that are in the opposite side of the issue and they are shouting down anyone that disagrees. Sadly, there are politicians that are more than willing to sell their country’s fortunes down the river by pandering to the vocal minority.

    1. I really don’t think most people understand that the government does not create wealth and has no money of its own. Certainly no one in Western Europe understands it. And Democrats don’t get it, either.

    2. Amazing, but true. Governments cannot earn a dime, they can only take in the earnings of others.

      We all were taught about the Boston Tea Party, but very few of us ever learned about the “stamp tax” that caused the tea party. It was an unreasonable tax, placed upon the colonies for transactions that did not involve mother England in any way. It was adequate to drive the Americans to the point of decrying independence and being willing to go to war with the greatest power of the day in order to win that independence.

      No one gets something for nothing unless somewhere there is someone getting nothing for something. The government cannot give anything, because it has nothing to give. It is a pauper, promising lavish gifts that are paid for by others.

    3. “No one gets something for nothing unless somewhere there is someone getting nothing for something.”

      Now that’s a quote to remember!

    4. I wish I could claim title to it, but it’s something I remember reading, however I do not know the ultimate source.

  2. In I Samuel, chapter 8, When the people grew tired of God’s prophet, and asked for a king, the Lord told them exactly what they would be getting if they got their wish for a secular ruler. They would not listen, but insisted
    on having their way, so God gave it to them, and lo and behold, they got exactly what God told them they would. It has been down hill ever since.
    I could go on and on, but we all know. Habakkuk 3 gives us some warnings, too, but seems nobody is listening (those in government, that is)

    1. No kidding! It took me a while to put it into words and to tell myself those words, but one day it struck me in very real terms that God knows better than I do, about everything. He understands mankind, He understands the ancient world and He understands the modern world. He knows more about my situation than I ever will know and I need to listen to His precepts.

      Once I realized this, my life improved greatly.

  3. Same here, UnKnowable. Reminds me of little kids who jerk away when someone tries to help them put on their coat; saying NO, me do it myself!

    1. I used to be one of those kids, I’m afraid. It took a while for me to learn to respect others, but eventually I did. As I see it now, it all comes down to accepting our Creator’s authority, which is essentially what Jesus said.

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