Watergate 2.0

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Mark Levin, former chief of staff to U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, has accused the Obama administration of “police state tactics” in turning loose half a dozen federal agencies to spy on Donald Trump and his presidential campaign ( http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/03/05/mark-levin-donald-trump-barack-obama-wiretapping ).

Uh… Didn’t Richard Nixon have to resign his office, for doing this–spying on his political opponents? Oh, but he was a Republican! It’s only wrong to spy on Democrats. As Levin observed, “If this had been done to Barack Obama, all hell would’ve broken loose.”

Watch Levin lay out his case in the video embedded in the news link above. There is simply no room to doubt. In a fruitless effort to dig up “evidence” of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians–they never did find any–it was very much a case of “anything goes.”

The Democrats lost the election and they won’t accept it. Believe this: They are willing to destabilize and damage the whole country, rather than accept their loss of control over it. If they can’t run it, they’ll ruin it.

Their mythology: everybody in America hates Trump, except for a few Nazis, and he never would have won without Russian interference: therefore Hillary Clinton is our rightful president, and everything must be done to overturn the election and install her in the White House.

This is how things are done in South America or Africa. It is not how they are done in the United States. But hey, if they have to turn the USA into Venezuela in order to get power over us, that’s what they’re willing to do: “fundamental transformation,” baby!

President Trump needs our support–and we need his. I pray in Jesus’ name that the Lord Our God will strengthen this man and give him courage, that he might prevail over his enemies–and ours! Amen.

5 comments on “Watergate 2.0

  1. And amen. I pray for his wisdom and guidance, protection for him and his family. Another good source for truth is Judicial Watch, and Larry Klayman’s newer department. I gave up on the FBI as soon as they ducked out on their responsibility to take care of the Clinton matter.

  2. Uh.. and this Mark Levin has all this special knowledge from?
    Where’s Levin’s evidence of anything?
    ..and Trump continues to go to these Conservative alternative facts site to get his next tweets?
    You are exactly correct. God help us all.

    1. He showed you the court orders and the reports from several newspapers, which weren’t questioned at the time.

    2. What court orders specifically suggesting Obama wiretapped Trump? That would have to be federally authorized.. and both Clapper and Comey have denied any Obama wiretap FISA requests have been initiated. Oh, wait.. are you one of those right wing conspiracy buffs that think everyone is corrupt and on the take no matter who says what and regardless of the presence of evidence or not?

    3. P.S.–The Obama administration habitually used government agencies–the IRS, for one–to pursue its own narrow political interests.

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