Tech-Smart Kitties

I have known cats who don’t respond at all, not even a little bit, to any kind of two-dimensional images. That can’t be said of any of the cats in this video.

How to account for the difference? There’s something we could learn in this, if we could only figure out what it might be. Why some and not others?

Oh, wait, I know! Climbit Change. Gotta be…

3 comments on “Tech-Smart Kitties

  1. That’s it, climbed change. 🙂

    Or, it good be primal instinct coming up against something never encountered in the natural world. That doesn’t fully explain why some cats don’t notice and others do. I am fairly certain that progressive scan devices (newer TVs, flat screens, etc) are perceptible to animal’s vision whereas interlaced scan devices (older TVs, older computer monitors) generally are not. I think it has to do with the sampling rate of their vision being higher than that of a human, but that’s just an educated guess. Interlaced pictures just look like a bunch of lines to an animal because it perceives faster than the scan rate of the device.

    I know that my eyes are much less strained than they were in the days of tube monitors.

  2. these cats are so cute. They prove that they really need mental stimulaton and they will take it wherever they can find it. I had a cat that loved the Mutual of Omaha, Wild Kingdom- watched intently every time, turned away during commerecials, then right back at it.

    1. I have a video, made for kids, which features a bunch of kittens playing in an open room, filled with cat toys, etc. My little cat watches it intently, for at least 20 minutes or so at a time.

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