Cat Discovers Snow

I wish I could remember how I felt, and what I thought, the first time I experienced snow. I don’t remember anything about my infancy. But I think the cat in this video will remember his first snow day. If only we humans knew how to have that much fun!


7 comments on “Cat Discovers Snow

  1. At one point it almost looked like this kitty was making snowballs! 🙂 Cats know how to have fun doing almost anything, and they know how to express their joy.

  2. One advantage they have is that they do not know about politics and the insanity in the “human” world. If we could only keep it that simple.

  3. That cat sure has a thick tail and coat. Not like any of the cats we have around here. I can remember the first time I’ve seen snow, since I’ve only seen it twice in my life. The last time it snowed was several years ago on Christmas day. Talk about a miracle. It’s rare to have snow here, it’s even more rare to have it on Christmas. I remember everyone trying to build snowmen, but nobody knew what they were doing. So everywhere you went you would see these failed mounds of snow on everyone’s lawn.

    1. Mercy! And I thought I lived in a snowless place.

      I lived most of my life in places where snow was fairly common. Living in the desert SW has made me quite nostalgic for snow.

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