‘Sno Problem

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Well, the great big snowstorm is over, the sun is shining merrily, and a lot of people in New Jersey are annoyed that a state of emergency had been declared for what turned out to be only an ordinary snowstorm. Six inches, at the most.

The National Weather Service must have changed the forecast a hundred times, leading up to the actual event. With that many changes, you can hardly call it a forecast at all. If a Roman emperor’s astrologer ever tried to amend his predictions that many times, he’d’ve been thrown head-first off a cliff.

The nooze media and our Blue State politicians decided to go with the most draconian forecasts and see if they could scare everybody off the roads. An official state of emergency, by the way, winds up costing local businesses a lot of money, because they generally have to shut down for the day.

There is a slight problem today with yesterday’s snow having developed a hard, frozen crust–makes me very glad I cleared our cars yesterday, and didn’t put it off till today. I think I’ll get my exercise today walking to the Y and back, which is about three miles. Certainly can’t ride a bike; and anyway, there’s enough snow on top of my bike’s tarpaulin to keep it safe from the high winds that have been vexing us for several days.

So, let’s see how long it takes me to do this… and then I have to finish reading The Silver Trumpet, trying to be ready for the next book the Lord gives me to write.

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  1. The weather has been quite an item this year, and it keeps everybody on their “left foot” a lot of the time. I sometimes get phone calls at all hours telling me what the status of the local school is, but I don’t know where they
    get my phone number, since it is a cell, and since I have nobody attending grade school. I have enough to do, just keeping my car cleaned off, running, and getting a few groceries in and meals prepared. sigh…

  2. I would definitely make it known to whoever that you do not want to receive calls notifying you of school closures.

    The more I see of it, the more firmly I become persuaded that all of our technology has been put to very poor use. Automated calling strikes me as less than humane.

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