Milk Is Racist!

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No, this is not a Joe Collidge satire. This is real, authentic garbage, spewed out by the college newspaper at California State University ( ).

Gee, did you know neo-Nazis drink a lot of milk? Bet you weren’t aware of the “subtle racism hidden in our health facts.” Sure, you’ve heard that the United States “was founded on racism,” and that “every institution that we uphold has racist roots.” And so on.

The writer of this drivel is only parroting what she’s been taught in our public schools and universities.

It is a sin to try to stir up strife where none exists. Racial harmony really bugs liberals: makes ’em mad enough to spit. Without the racial grievance industry, their car has three flat tires. And although they enjoy, every hour of every day, the benefits of living in America, which they’d be very hard put to do without, they hate their own country and tirelessly seek to damage it. So drinking milk, and advocating the drinking of milk, is just, for them, more proof that America is run by Nazis. Because everybody who’s not them is a Nazi.

If they know the actual meaning of the word, it’s way more than I’d expect of them.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public education.

(P.S.–I’ll hold off on John 4 till tomorrow. I’m too rattled to do it justice today.)

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  1. Let me get this right. By being Caucasian I have a genetic propensity to tolerate milk and this makes milk-drinking an act of racial hatred. Hmmm?

    Now I am of diabetic, so does that make the consumption of sweets an act of hatred towards diabetics on my part? Some people have a genetic propensity that makes them more likely to become alcoholic; does that mean that a person whom drinks in moderation is demonstrating hatred towards people whom cannot tolerate alcohol because of genetic factors? If I stand up and stretch is that an act of hatred towards people shorter (or taller) than I? My vocal range stops at G#, am I hating tenors when I sing within my vocal range?

    There is no end to the number of hate crimes one could define if you apply these standards. I feel sorry for people with lactose intolerance, but until this morning I did not know that it varied by race. I never thought about it as a racial/ethnic matter.

    1. Aha! You have fallen into the trap of trying to answer totally irrational people. Liberalism has voyaged beyond just being wrong or even wicked. It’s become totally crackers, to boot.

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