Memory Lane: The Lennon Sisters Sing ‘Paper of Pins’

This video, vintage 1956, has the Lennon Sisters, on The Lawrence Welk Show, singing a dear old folk song, A Paper of Pins–one of the first songs I ever heard on a record: one of those little red records they used to have for kids.

Grandma never missed Lawrence Welk, and the Lennon Sisters were her favorite. This video brings back fond memories of staying overnight with Grandma and Grandpa and my aunts, and wondering why they chose to watch this stuff.

Now that I’m as old as my grandparents were then (if not older–but to a little boy, everybody over 40 is downright ancient), and part of my job is to keep track of things like claiming that drinking milk makes you a Nazi, jawohl, I don’t wonder about it anymore. Jump on my bike and pedal down Memory Lane for all I’m worth. Stop in and see the Lennon Sisters. And maybe even sack out on a Castro Convertible–remember those?

11 comments on “Memory Lane: The Lennon Sisters Sing ‘Paper of Pins’

  1. That brings back memories alright. The lyrics don’t make much sense, but who cares when the blending of nice voices and an actual melody are there to enjoy.

  2. Boy, do I remember watching the Lawrence Welk! I thought the show was corny. I liked the Lennon Sisters, though. I had a paper doll set of the singing sibs. Myron Florence, Joe Feeney, Joanne Castle, the champagne music. And Mr. Welk dancing with the ladies from the audience. And rubber hair curlers! Mom used to set our hair for church the next day while watching the show. Those were the old Saturday evenings back in the Fifties.

    1. During the day on weekdays, Grandma used to watch those old soap operas with the creepy organ music in the background–time for me to retreat to the porch and play with my dinosaurs. And then she’d watch “Queen for a Day.” Remember that? Still considered one of the most horrific TV shows ever made.

  3. Oh, yes, I do remember Queen for a Day. Yep, it was terrible, goofy and
    disgusting. I tried to avoid it, but it was sometimes on in the other room.

    1. I so remember this! I didn’t know that the song referenced Ezekiel’s prophecy. After I became a believer, I came across that passage one day and that group singing came back to me.

  4. Oh yes, I remember the Lennon Sisters. As a girl I played with their paper dolls for hours.

    1. Well, Teddy, you’ve sure come to the right place! (Sorry–I’m used to calling you Teddy.) We have a couple folks here who are paper doll fans, big-time.

      It always makes me happy when one of my Pogo friends drops in for a visit. I’ll be dropping in on Pogo later, after I’ve had my nap.

  5. That Queen for a Day was dreadful! I was a kid back then and I got a kick out of watching all the crying ladies with their tales of woe. Anyone remember Ernie Kovacs? A true original! I think he had two tv shows and one of them was a game show.

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