Fierce Terrifying Kittens

Here’s another one of those stupid cat videos that I post because we’re all just a lot of old fogeys witch hasnt got no feeel “for” the modren world, as Joe College would say.

These kittens remind me of our Buster and Missy, brother and sister. Buster usually bossed Missy around. But when her ears went flat and her head and tail went almost to the floor, and she headed straight for him in a kind of deadly silence, he knew she was ready to take the dispute to a level way higher than he was prepared to go. So he would back down–if she let him.

5 comments on “Fierce Terrifying Kittens

  1. We love our cat videos! – and this one was particularly cute. Little ones are hilarious all puffed up and jumping sideways straight up in the air!

  2. What ferocity! No animal besides a kitten is able to be scary and hilarious at the same time with such skill. The other thing I like is that they a smart enough to understand the difference between play and a real fight. For all of the bluster, the bites are not piercing and the claws are not usually extended when it’s play time.

  3. Thanks for the cute kitty videos. This ol fogey enjoys them a lot. If anyone doesn’t like them, they can stick it in their ear, we don’t care.

  4. These are adorable. I wonder whether young fogeys enjoy cat videos as much as we old fogeys do?

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