An Experiment (Translation: Help!)

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Gee, I feel like one of those old-time castaways whose only hope of communicating with the outside world was to put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean.

Since early Sunday morning I have had no, zero, Facebook referrals. Having ruled out other causes, I’m forced to believe there’s something interfering between Facebook and my blog. No one, not even my webmaster, has yet discovered what that can be.

So I can only continue to experiment.

Whoever you are out there, if you see this message anywhere on Facebook, please see if you can use it to get to this blog. I need to see if this is possible. And I’m afraid only readers can help me on this one.

7 comments on “An Experiment (Translation: Help!)

  1. I’m not particularly good with Facebook, but I followed your instructions in your comment in your previous post (19 March). I found Pat Duigon there, with this article and got here through the link. I could not find a Facebook page under your name, though. Hope this helps a bit.

    1. Hi, Alta–we have only the one Facebook page, under Pat’s name. For some reason all the posts I try to “share on Facebook” (I’m not even sure what that means anymore!) seem to be going only to our page and nowhere else–which means no one will see them unless they search specifically for that page.
      Now let me go and see if you generated a referral. Thanks for your help.

  2. I just came from Facebook to here via the link on your fb page under Pat’s name. I generally come from my live bookmark feed in the browser.

    1. I should have asked: Can you get here from your own FB page, or any page other than Pat’s? That still seems to be the problem.

    2. Hi Lee, I tried that yesterday from my own page. When I searched your name, some of your articles did pop up. But they were posted by other people, from NewsWithViews, not your website or from Pat’s FB page.

    3. A lot of people post my NWV columns. *sigh* Day 5 of this problem: I’ll just have to keep groping blindly for a solution.

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