Happy Birthday, Linda (‘Praise the Lord’)

Our friend Linda Sorci is having a birthday today, and she’s asked us to play this worship song by Chris Christian, Praise the Lord. So here it is!

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.   –Psalm 22:3

13 comments on “Happy Birthday, Linda (‘Praise the Lord’)

  1. Thank you, Lee. This is such a beautiful worship song it always brings me to tears.

    May I share my birthday gift from The Lord today? As many of you know, my sister and I haven’t spoken in many years. Not really a falling out, but just different directions. She somehow decided atheism works for her. I’ve been praying for and about her lately and lo and behold, my phone rang. It was my sister inviting me for coffee and lunch today. It was a wonderful sisterly and loving meeting. Praise The Lord indeed!

  2. I pray your birthday, and the blessing with your sister will be a landmark
    day of great blessing in the days to come. You are already blessed, and
    I pray for extension of these blessings. We love you.

    1. Thank you so much, Erlene. I love all of you, too. Lee has created such a wonderful gathering place here – like family. Today was a wonderful blessing and I, too, pray it is a new beginning for my sister and me – and that she finds Jesus – or, better said, that He finds her and she answers when He knocks.

    2. I don’t dare say my brother’s not a Christian, but he is a deep-red, dyed-in-the-wool, marching-in-lockstep liberal, and no one is allowed to talk politics or current events when he’s around. If you do, he goes all Rumpelstiltskin on you. I have no idea how he (or anybody else) reconciles left-wing ideology with Christian faith.

    3. We have a few friends that fall into that category – one of whom was a substitute teacher in public school. Conversation gets mighty rowdy at times lol. In fact, now that I think of it, the teacher also likes to listen to Joel Osteen. Hmmmm . . .

  3. Linda, thank you so much for requesting this wonderful praise song. I had
    not heard it in a long time, but now I can return to it often as I used to. It brings tears to my eyes, too.

  4. Dear Linda, you’ve given us a wonderful your-birthday present with your request for this beautiful praise song. I have a friend who’s sorely in need of the reminder in the song, and I’m going to send it on to her today.

    Well, okay, I’ve been in need of the reminder as well, with all the terrible things that have been going on around us. So thank you again — and happy the-day-after-your-birthday.

    And a big thank you to Lee for hosting this neighborhood of friends.

    1. Thank you, Phoebe. Our Lord accomplishes much within our praise. This really is a beautiful praise song and I do hope it blesses many! It’s one of my favorites – I’ve requested it a few times and I believe I requested it same time last year 🙂 Blessings to all!

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