Win Fantastic Gold Coins!

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We’re so close to having a winner of our current comment contest, it should probably happen today–and wow, holy moly, what a prize!

Yes! If you’re the lucky reader who posts Comment No. 13,000 on this blog, you will win a whole shoebox full of genuine gold coins worth thousands and thousands of dollars! Fabulous wealth can now be yours–

What? I don’t have that shoebox full of gold coins anymore? Did you look under the bed? Or in the closet, under the Christmas ornaments? You did…

Well, folks, sorry about that. But you can still win an autographed copy of one of my books. Post it anywhere on this blog: I’ll see it.

All comments are eligible except: 1) comments abusive of anyone else on this blog; 2) those containing profanity or blasphemy; 3) thinly-disguised commercials, like that’s gonna fool me, I’m such a schmo; 4) anything simply too inane to bother with.

That’s that. Now all we have to do is see who wins.

3 comments on “Win Fantastic Gold Coins!

  1. Did the gold coins have chocolate in them? If so, check for chocolate stains around the mouths and hands of family members.

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