The New Improved Sex-Bot

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The old-fashioned way of learning how to love…

With some of these news stories, you don’t know whether to laugh maniacally or just sit down and cry.

A California company called RealDoll is about to release for sale a new, improved sex doll which “goes beyond the sexual” and “could teach us to be better humans,” blah-blah, says the company president ( ). For $10,000, the basic no-frills model might “train people to be nicer to each other.”

Families used to do that. And churches. Even dogs and cats and hamsters used to do that.

The doll comes complete with a “love meter”–sorry, I didn’t ask, and neither should you–to measure to what extent the machine has fallen in love with you. For the most part, they say, “customers develop relationships with the doll.”

O Lord our God, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. Jesu defend us, amen.

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    1. Very inspiring indeed! It must be tremendously liberating to see what a fat-head you were and to realize you don’t have to be one anymore. But as God has said, “I will save whom I will save.”

  1. In no field has Satan been so successful in undermining our humanity than he has with regard to sexual matters. There are a great many people out there that deny entirely an emotional component to sex and attempt to reduce it to a purely physical act.

    Combine the above with a world in which most social interaction happens through the sterile environment of computer screens and text messages and the path to sex robots seems like an obvious next step. What I can’t understand is why people are not reeling with disgust. I can think of few things that make me feel more unease than a machine designed to simulate being a human.

    In the animal realm, if something moves, it is assumed to be alive. Cats investigate movement and if the scent of a living creature is absent they tend to shy away. When something moves and doesn’t have the scent of a living thing, most animals become uncomfortable. They can be conditioned to accept mechanical devices, but their instincts work in opposition to this.

    Maybe our instincts need to be brought into play more often.

  2. This is simply pitiful. Imagine how impoverished the life must be of someone who not only needs a machine to have sex with but even needs for the machine to “fall in love” with him. And the saddest thing is that there’s no love involved, only the scratching of an itch.

    Is this what the faux “friends” of Facebook lead to?

    1. “Is this what the faux “friends” of Facebook lead to?”

      I think you hit upon the root. Facebook itself is a symptom of the sickness within our society. While I am all for using the Internet as a form of communication, it does not replace face to face communication in any way.

      Businesses go to great lengths to depersonalize customer service these days, insisting that we use text messaging and chat windows instead of the telephone, etc. Ultimately, these forms of communication are very limited and of quite poor quality. Telephones are better than text based communication for most things, but face to face is better yet.

      I see the current way of doing things as being detrimental to all, the workers, the customers and ultimately, the companies that imagine they are going to prosper in the long run by employing such techniques.

      But if virtual friends online are accepted as replacing real friends, then sex robots are only a logical extension of this trend. Frankly, I think it’s beyond absurd and beneath contempt. If sex is regarded as a sacred matter between two loving partners in life then these robots are a sham; which I believe they are. It’s utterly dehumanizing.

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