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Bell Mountain Movie Contest on Life Support

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Last call for this contest! Just name four actors to play four characters in the Bell Mountain movie–which will be made as soon as somebody scrapes up $200 million for it–and win an autographed certificate by the author of these immortal literary works (that would be me) praising your wisdom, perspicacity, and good taste.

I’ll do just about anything to gin up readership. And this blog has been sucking wind since Daylight Saving went into effect.

The first few days of the movie contest were wild and enjoyable; but the fact is, only half a dozen of you ever entered it. What kind of contest is that? I wanted to keep it going until The Temptation (No. 11 in the series) was published. I thought that was going to happen any day now… but my intuition hasn’t been sinking many foul shots lately, has it?

“But Lee–maybe that movie contest just didn’t interest all that many people. Who ever told you that you had great potential as a contest impresario?”

Look, I’ll let it run for the rest of this week and then close it out and try to come up with something better. Or better prizes. An all-expense-paid trip to Lintum Forest, maybe. Or dinner with Lord Reesh. It’s a bit too soon to start another comment contest, but I’m open to suggestions.

A contest to think up a new kind of contest? Whose silly idea is that!

The First 30 Days

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As I write this, it’s four sizzling Global Warming degrees outside! What do you want to bet the shysters at NOAA will announce that this January has been the warmest month ever in recorded history? Aw, that’s a sucker bet! They say that every month.

We are on a mission to crack the 100,000-view mark in 2019, which we did come close to doing last year. I say “we” because I really can’t do it without you.

After 30 days, not counting today, our January views totaled 9,000 and change. Do that every month, and you either get 108,000 views or an F in Arithmetic.  So that’s good, that’s on target–although this Tuesday and Wednesday the totals were so far below the average, I was beginning to wonder if WordPress was broken or something.

February has only 28 days, so it’ll be hard to rack up 9,000 views for that. But February might see the comment contest heating up, so that’ll be fun. Everyone is eligible, even Nancy Pelosi–let’s see those comments come rolling in.


Comment Contest Update

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The picture of the frog is only here because it’s interesting. What do you suppose he’s thinking?

Just in case you missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago, we are in the throes of an epochal comment contest, racing along toward the landmark of 40,000 comments. We currently have 38,827, which means we have 1,173 to go. The reader who posts Comment No. 40,000 will win an autographed copy of my new book, The Temptation, No. 11 in my Bell Mountain series. It hasn’t been released for publication yet, but that could happen very soon.

All readers are eligible, even those who’ve already one a comment contest or two, and all comments are eligible, with the following exceptions: Comments that insult or abuse any other commenter; commercials thinly disguised as comments–like, you really think you’re gonna fool us with that?–any use of the f-bomb or any other profanity or blasphemy, and comments simply too inane to bother with. You may wonder just what would be too inane for me to publish as a comment. Well, trust me–they’re out there.

We’ve been clipping along at a pace of about 50 comments a day since Christmas, but today… well, not so hot.

Time for Another Contest!

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Still trying to kick-start our 2019 blogging year, I think I’d better announce another comment contest. So as of now, let the game begin!

We have currently 38,372 comments and 40,000 seems like kind of a magic number; so… whoever posts Comment No. 40,000 will win an autographed copy of my newest Bell Mountain book, The Temptation. It should be published by then–how much time can it take to rack up 1,628 more comments? Well, we’re going to find out.

Some Bits and Pieces of 2018

Last year we set a record with 98,096 views. The top view-getter was “BBC’s Old Narnia Series Was Better Than the Movies,” with 866 views. That post was already several years old. A rerun from 2013, revisiting the Cardiff Giant, topped the posts actually made in 2018, with 217 views. Of the new posts, “The Future of Christian Education,” by Andrea Schwartz, led with 192.

I wonder if anyone is really interested in these stats.

I wonder if I need to post more Narnia stuff.

Suggestions, anyone?

Comments: 32,081

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This Collared Lizard has nothing to do with the comment contest; but he makes an awful nice picture.

Currently we have 32,081 comments in the pot, and we’re shooting for 35,000. From time to time I’ll give you the current total, in hopes of stimulating witty conversation. I wonder how long it’ll take to get there. We shall see.

(And of course the first thing I see, after I post this, is a “Comments are disabled” message. *Sigh* That’s no way to run a comment contest. So I’ll fix it now.)

Please Subscribe to This Blog

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I finally found out what “subscribe” means in blog-speak. It means “follow.” And according to an article I read last night on how to increase your blog’s readership, I ought to urge you to subscribe.

Well, over 800 of you are already doing that, for which I thank you. I don’t know whether that’s a high number or not. If you do subscribe, you get notified via email whenever there’s a new post, etc. There’s no charge for it. Some bloggers offer gifts to new subscribers. I don’t. After all, it’s a free subscription.

I am also told I ought to offer contests. Well, I’ve had any number of comment contests, and can always have another one–maybe today, even. The contest to cast the Bell Mountain movie didn’t get enough entries to make it a real contest, so I had to give it up.

Anyhow, if you enjoy this blog but don’t currently subscribe–well, why not join up?

Now let me see if the stats can justify starting a new comment contest at this time.

And We Have a Winner!

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Greg Lammiman’s last comment, believe it or not, hit No. 15,000 right on the nose, making him the winner of our current comment contest. He was also the only one commenting so far today who hadn’t won yet, so he would’ve gotten a favorable finagle factor anyhow. But he didn’t need one.

So, Greg, you get an autographed Bell Mountain book, any book in the series–click “Books” and check the list if you aren’t sure of the titles, because there are nine of ’em out there by now. Then all you have to do is email me, at leeduigon@verizon.net, with your mailing address.

BTW, everybody, Greg makes Christian movies, and very good ones, at that. Maybe someday he’ll have a zillion-dollar budget to make a Bell Mountain movie.

Thank you all for playing–and keep those comments coming!

Win a Free Trip to Obann!

Product Details

This has got to be the greatest prize I’ve ever offered. Win two weeks in Obann! Or more, if there’s any trouble bringing you back.

If you’ve ever had a hankering to get chased by birds as big as horses, or go boating among the lake monsters, or secretly prowl the network of ancient tunnels beneath the city–well, then, this is the vacation for you. Like, it’s got everything!

Oh! Yes, of course, some of you don’t know what I’m talking about. Easily remedied: just go to the top of the page and click “Books.” Everything in the world of Obann can be found in my books. In fact, that’s the only way you can get there.

I’m announcing this prize very early. Whoever posts Comment No. 15,000 on this blog will win it. That ought to take a few months. There’ll be plenty of time for new readers to come aboard and get a little taste of Obann. Plus cat videos, which have not yet been invented there.

If you’ve already won, if you’re already a regular visitor to Obann, well, tell your friends about it!

I envy the reader who will wind up exploring Lintum Forest with Helki the Rod as his guide, or sitting around an Abnak campfire to hear Prester Orth preach the Word of God. I wish I could enter, too, but it’s just not done, to enter one’s own contest.

Win Fantastic Gold Coins!

Image result for images of gold coins

We’re so close to having a winner of our current comment contest, it should probably happen today–and wow, holy moly, what a prize!

Yes! If you’re the lucky reader who posts Comment No. 13,000 on this blog, you will win a whole shoebox full of genuine gold coins worth thousands and thousands of dollars! Fabulous wealth can now be yours–

What? I don’t have that shoebox full of gold coins anymore? Did you look under the bed? Or in the closet, under the Christmas ornaments? You did…

Well, folks, sorry about that. But you can still win an autographed copy of one of my books. Post it anywhere on this blog: I’ll see it.

All comments are eligible except: 1) comments abusive of anyone else on this blog; 2) those containing profanity or blasphemy; 3) thinly-disguised commercials, like that’s gonna fool me, I’m such a schmo; 4) anything simply too inane to bother with.

That’s that. Now all we have to do is see who wins.

Comment Contest: Less than 100 to Go

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Well, we’ve just passed the 12,000 mark, and whoever posts Comment No. 13,000 on this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books.

I’m thinking of re-opening the contest to earlier winners, so they can win again. If this is not a stupid question, are you in favor of that?

Maybe I should also offer a prize to anyone who can figure out what happened to my Facebook and Newswithviews referrals–a mystery that has so far baffled all attempts to unravel it. Where’s Hercule Poirot when you need him?

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