One Cautious Cat

This is how to be careful with a fizzy drink. Sniff it. Touch it. Walk all around it. Use camouflage, in case it’s watching. Maybe, just maybe, take a very tiny sip.

My cat Buster would’ve just run up and stuck his whole face in it. But who needs to be told that cats are as much individuals as we are?

10 comments on “One Cautious Cat

  1. That’s pretty good. I guess that they can’t imagine anything moving or making noise unless it’s alive and, therefore, unpredictable. One never knows when they will encounter a cat-eating glass of seltzer. 🙂

    1. Indeed! They wisely leave all the insanity to their mommies and daddies 🙂 and just look cute while we give them their treats, and they definitely know how to get our attention!

    2. They are pretty smart. My cat is having a snooze while I’m out bustin’ my back all day. When I get home she asks for food, and I drop what I’m doing and feed her. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

    3. I try. She’s a pretty good cat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cat that was as appreciative of having a home as she.

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