Cats & Ninnies, or, How to Burn Your House Down

Hey, boys ‘n’ girls! Wanna burn your house down? Why, it’s easy! Just let your cat play with a burning candle. All he’s gotta do is, like, knock it into the drapes and presto! You’re homeless.

Yes, it’s true that a few of the cats in this video are pretty good at putting out a candle without knocking it over. But the rest of ’em aren’t. So unless you really are a ninny–in which case this will do no good–I strongly recommend you not let your cats play with candles.

4 comments on “Cats & Ninnies, or, How to Burn Your House Down

  1. Uncovered candles in the house make me uneasy enough without setting them where a cat can get at them.

    1. Me too, Erlene! And I can’t imagine allowing my cat to possibly get burned while I stood by filming the whole thing! Completely irresponsible.

    2. I doubt any of the cats in this video actually got burned, although some certainly seemed unpleasantly surprised by the sensation.
      No–actually, I was waiting for some ninny to get his comeuppance when the cat knocked the candle into the curtains and they caught fire.
      You may be very sure that no cats around here are ever allowed access to candles!

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