Great Cat Video!

No kidding, this is the best cat video ever. Patty’s friend emailed it to us last night, and I can’t wait till the evening to share it with you.

Check out how the cats open a screen door to let themselves out–but not all the performers in this video are even half that clever. Again, the great thing about cats is, they’re always able to surprise us. Always!

4 comments on “Great Cat Video!

  1. I have to agree, Lee. If there were an academy awards for cat videos, this would take movie of the year. 🙂 That little black cat jumping around early in the video has to be my favorite. I would love to view life through a cat’s eyes, just for an hour or so.

  2. Just trying not to laugh at these would be impossible. I have seen cats do most of these acrobatics. They are amazing, and when they fall flat on their faces, they just nonchalantly say, “oh, that is what I meant to do.”

    1. I could always spook our cat, Buster, by shuffling my foot when he walked past me. He’d practically turn a somersault! And then he would just carry on like he was totally cool and not a bit scared.

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