By Request, ‘We Are an Offering’

Thank you, Erlene, for suggesting this–We Are an Offering, by Chris Christian.

In light of the constant seepage of bad news, let us remember Paul’s exhortation to Christians to “offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” (Romans 12:1). God will use us: He will let us enter into His work. And bearing in mind that He uses weak things to overthrow the mighty, and foolish things to confound the wise, and things that are despised to undo the things that are honored by this fallen world (1 Corinthians 1)… it may be that He’s got the bad guys right where He wants them.

3 comments on “By Request, ‘We Are an Offering’

  1. Thank you for the song and your remarks. It was exactly what I was thinking as I listened to this. There is no higher calling than to be a
    servant to the Most High, and to fulfill whatever purpose He has for us
    while we sojourn on this planet.

  2. Hi, Lee . . . God bless you and yours! I wanted to send you the lyrics to a “Good Friday” song I wrote in 1972, and I’m going to try to send the lyric sheet(s) in two different Word Office formats (both kinda older). I hope you get them, and are blessed by them; feel free to share them on your terrific blog. I have no recordings made of the song, though I’ve been singing it every year since 1972! Now my age (67) is creeping up on me, and my voice is no longer capable of singing the song as I used to, so I’ve had to re-arrange it a bit to sing it now . . . I hope the lyrics are a blessing, at least . . . they surely have been to those who’ve heard the song up to now.

    1. Thank you, Steven, and I look forward to receiving your lyrics and publishing them here. Please bear in mind that I know nothing, nothing, nothing when it comes to technology: so please just send anything by regular email–or you could just post it as another comment.

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