A Boost for My Books

The Palace (Bell Mountain Series #6) by [Duigon, Lee]

I’ve been re-reading my Bell Mountain books, trying to prepare myself for writing the next one. I have to read them, lest I forget some important detail.

So I’m in the middle of The Palace (No. 6 in the series), and I’ve just read the chapter, “The White Doe.” Please don’t think I’m boasting when I say this, but I think it’s among the best things I’ve ever written. It’s not boasting because I was moved when I read it and very much surprised that anything like it could have come from me. Give God the glory: I pray for His guidance as I write, and He gives it. It didn’t really come from me. I just wrote it down.

And this evening Patty discovered the Vintage Novels blog, and a wonderfully complimentary review of the first four books in my series. This is by Suzannah Rountree, a blogger in Australia, and she has my thanks. Let me see if I can link to her piece for you. Ah, here it is: http://www.vintagenovels.com/2017/04/the-bell-mountain-series-1-4-by-lee.html

If you haven’t read any of these, I hope Suzannah’s review will persuade you to give them a whirl. For more information (if you’re new to this blog), just go to the top of this page and click “Books.”

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  1. Bravo, Lee! I just began reading my “prize” copy of Bell Mountain this afternoon, and I have to say it’s riveting — I could hardly force myself to put it down so I could start preparing dinner. I won’t let myself go back to it tonight, or I won’t get any sleep until I finish it. Ah, but tomorrow….

  2. I read the reviews and thought she did pretty well. One thing I enjoy about the series is the way you handle the spiritual element. There are obvious parallels between the beliefs of Obann and those found in the Bible, but the series isn’t trying to be a bible study. Instead, I see the value as coming from the fact that the believing characters in the series allow their lives to be governed by their faith. They take time to pray for guidance and they acknowledge when God’s hand is at work. This is very refreshing to me.

    It’s refreshing, because that is what I aspire to in my own life. I don’t always live up to my aspirations, but I truly want to keep my focus on the spiritual aspect of life. So in that sense, these books serve as an example. Jack and Ellayne are very believable characters, yet they can apply faith to their every activity.

    I’m in book 5 right now, but I’ll make a mental note to watch out for the white doe in book 6.

  3. Wonderful news. I’m very happy for you. I know it gives me a lift when I get a positive review of my articles. May this be the beginning of a whole new advance.

  4. Oh, my articles are on a website called commandmentkeepers.com, but, unfortunately the website went down a while back, and the owner is just writing occasionally on WND and hasn’t done anything about putting it back up, as he doesn’t want to manage it himself. Only part of my articles are still there now, but if you log on and look for them, you can see what kind I was doing back then. My late husband and I had navigatingthroughprophecy.org, but when he passed away, I couldn’t maintain and someone else took over the domain, so now, I just share printed copies with a few people. When I moved from Wa. to Id., I have never found all the notebooks and discs where all 70 of the articles are stored. Maybe I will get my grandson, the computer whiz to set me up on a new website when he gets time.

    1. I just did a very quick read of X-Rated Schools on commandmentkeepers.org and enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t even imagine the effect some of this depravity has upon young minds. The perverse sexual practices of our day cause harm to many people. More than once, I have heard women complain about the treatment they received from their (ex) husbands. And now they are instructing this in schools?

      You strike me as very sincere and wanting to live as God intends. That is rare today, even among religiously active people. I’ll check out some of your other articles as well, as time permits. I find your posts here encouraging and your obvious sincerity is heartwarming. I don’t claim to be a prophet, but I believe with all of my heart that God will shower blessings upon all who truly seek to live according to His will. Whatever any of us have lost in this fallen world will surely be restored in the restitution to come.

  5. Thank you so much, UnKnowable. I fully enjoy all of your posts here, too.
    It is so great to be able to communicate with intelligent people who are also servants of our King. Study of Scripture and writing down what the Holy Spirit is the best thing I have ever done, and it is my passion. I hope to continue as long as I can.
    There is a very knowledgeable and dedicated woman named Judith Reisman who teaches on the scourge of pornography; saying the effects on the brain are very similar to drug addiction. It seems to be true.
    I do worry about the current condition of the church and see the Laodicean tendencies. With a harvest field so vast, far too many are laid back watching football instead of exercising their calling.

    1. I’m aware of Judith Reisman’s work. She’s onto something important. The young of today are exposed to pornography from an early age and it’s a terrible thing. They face a long uphill battle if they want to break away from it.

      When all the pieces fall into place, things will move rapidly, and those who have become complacent will make their stand, one way or another. When I look at the mess which surrounds us, the only way to survive is with God’s help. He will come through when we need Him the most.

  6. Yes, indeed, you are right. In the end, the Almighty WILL have His will done. I thank Him every day for that when I see the things that are
    occurring in a once sane society. We are living in a world gone mad.

    1. I am stunned by the rapidity of the decline. Here we are, in a world where talk of nuclear war is in the air. That would have been unthinkable not that long ago.

      The madness is on every level, national conflict, social upheaval, economic uncertainty. The very norms of civilization are now up for bid. The craziness of the sixties is back, and this time it’s on crack.

      If this isn’t The End, I’d hate to think of what The End will look like.

  7. That is what I say. If it gets much worse, please get me out of here. Then, I remember that harvest field again, and say no, I still have work to do. May I maintain my strength to carry on.

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