By Request, ‘Rise Again’

Requested by Erlene, here is Rise Again by Dallas Holm.

Rejoice, rejoice in Easter!

Now let me see if I can find and post my favorite Easter movie clip for you.

One comment on “By Request, ‘Rise Again’”

  1. Thank you for this post. This is absolutely one of my most all-time favorites. It just does something to me inside to have the assurance of
    Yeshua’s total sovereignty, complete rule over every power that exists in His great creation. NO POWER on earth can keep Him back.
    Even some “churches” are now doubting that He will actually return. How can they be so deceived. I wonder what will happen to those who say they are believers, and yet do not believe. This really is the time of the great apostasy.
    It is sad to read the words of the Lord when He says, “…when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith at all…?”
    I would not want to be one of the five foolish virgins whose lamps had gone out while waiting for the Bridegroom.

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