By Request, ‘Rise Again’

This one almost slipped through the cracks, but here it is, requested by Erlene–Rise Again, sung by Dallas Holm.

The hymn shop’s open, and there’s plenty of room in here.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’

Requested by Erlene–Rise Again, by Dallas Holm.

This year so far has gotten to me, I stand in need of prayer. I hardly know what to say about it. I always thought “Sing louder” was excellent advice–but lately I can’t do it.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’

Erlene requested this, so here it is–Rise Again, by Dallas Holm.

The wagon’s only half-full of Your Favorite Hymns, we use them up fast–so if you have a hymn or two, or half a dozen hymns, that you’d like to share, just let us know.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’

Easter is coming, everybody, and we want to post your favorite Easter hymns and worship songs.

This request is from Erlene–Rise Again, by Dallas Holm.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’

(Trying to work around having only one computer instead of two…)

Let’s have your Easter hymn requests, everybody. Don’t be shy!

This is Rise Again by Dallas Holm, requested by Erlene.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’

Requested by Erlene, here is Rise Again by Dallas Holm.

Rejoice, rejoice in Easter!

Now let me see if I can find and post my favorite Easter movie clip for you.

By Request, ‘Rise Again’


It wasn’t easy to find this one, Diane, but here it is: Rise Again, performed by Dallas Holm. I hope it’s the one you wanted.

In this evil age, Christians–sing louder. God will hear us.