I have to use this video or lose it, so here it is.

On a beautiful beach somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico, a couple of bathers are blissfully unaware of the exceedingly large shark that’s coming their way. They don’t seem to hear the warnings shouted from whatever elevation this video camera was stationed. And the shark comes closer and closer…

They’re in luck, though. The shark is busy hunting a stingray and has no time for humans.

Just for the record: offshore waters are normally full of sharks. That’s where the fish are, so the sharks feed there. If the people in the water could see the sharks in the water, they wouldn’t be in the water anymore. Given the large number of people and sharks in the water at the same time, any shark attack must be viewed as a statistical anomaly.

Which is but little comfort to the swimmer whose leg gets bitten off…

4 comments on “‘Shark…..!’

  1. Another good reason to stay alert if you venture into the ocean. For all my years living 6 miles from the beach (Atlantic side) in South Florida, I was never a fan of going in the water. I much preferred walking on the beach looking for unusual seashells and coral and such 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’re right. The number of close calls is probably staggering, but sharks aren’t prone to munching on humans anyhow, so the exceptions are rare. Nonetheless, I have no interest in testing these theories first hand. The nearest ocean is 250 miles away and that’s fine by me.

    1. I talked to a girl once who’d been out swimming in the ocean the day before and came in after she “got bumped by something big.” She didn’t see what it was–and didn’t want to.

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