BBC’s Old ‘Narnia’ Series Was Better Than the Movies

Source: BBC’s Old ‘Narnia’ Series Was Better Than the Movies

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  1. I just read your message about facebook, and thought I would go on and see if there was anyone who knew what was going on- well, turns out that the first four posts (two people I know, and two I do not know) were warning about scams and hacks on facebook. Also noticed my page where I had posted some of my articles, was cut off part way through. Something very weird is going on with that. Oh, and one person who had been posting for a while announced that he was going off f b for good.
    I haven’t a clue.

    1. It’s just so frustrating to work on this blog as hard as I do and see my viewership ebbing away for no apparent reason. Those Facebook referrals were about 20 percent of my views each day. And nobody can tell me what’s happened!

  2. I know, it is very frustrating. This stuff is way out of my league. (likewise, a lot of other things.)

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