Don’t Tempt a Cat

It’s bad form (an understatement) to provide one another with near occasions to sin. And yet people think nothing of having cats and fish tanks together in the same living room. How do you suppose a cat is going to be able to resist that much temptation?

And empty fish bowls are almost as bad. Watch and see.

11 comments on “Don’t Tempt a Cat

  1. A few years ago, I fish-sat for a friend. The tank was small and well sealed, but my at had a fascinating few days, just watching that fish intently, but know he couldn’t reach it. I almost felt guilty, but I was laughing too much.

  2. I know what you mean. When my two sons were young, they had two huge fish tanks with all kinds of fish and critters, and it almost drove our Siamese cats nuts.

  3. The cats pawing at the glass fish tanks/bowls remind me of one of my cats who used to do the same thing at the window with snowflakes. They drove him crazy.

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