Curtain Call! (But Not for Actors)

Ah, the sanity break–here’s how a couple of kittens play hide and seek, when they’ve got access to all the nice hanging curtains their hearts could desire. And on the off-chance you’ve enjoyed this video…

Help revive this blog! By now my viewership is down about 40% from what it had been for every day of the past five months, till April came along. I don’t know why! So, please–if you’ve got your own blog, re-blog whatever I’ve posted that you like. If not, well, please tell your friends about this site and encourage them to visit. I mean, really–the thing is melting away before my eyes.

11 comments on “Curtain Call! (But Not for Actors)

  1. What an adventuresome world these felines inhabit. Anything and everything can be the source of all sorts of fun.

    Hang in Lee. I don’t know the ins and outs of all of this, but I wouldn’t give up. You write great books and you have a great blog. Traffic is bound to pick up again.

  2. Too funny! And so dear….

    Lee, I wish I had a blog so I could help out, but things are bound to turn around for you. Meanwhile, you have a wonderful blog here, and I continue to be grateful for the inspiration you provide for us all, as well as the fellowship with the good people who hang out here. Your efforts add much good to the work of the Lord. To paraphrase lots of old sayings, if only one disheartened soul is comforted and strengthened, the labor has been worthwhile.

    1. I’d re-blog, but my blog is effectively defunct and I don’t have the time to revive it. My only follower is Lee, and that wouldn’t do much good.

  3. Lee, allow me to echo what Phoebe said. She’s absolutely right! You provide a place for fellowship, sharing, encouragement and lifting up of one another – a comforting cove in the storm of insanity out in the world. We, your ‘faithful few’ have found a wonderful home here. And Our Lord sees your work – and its results.

    As for the kitty video – kittens are always so adorable! And at the end of this one, there was a link to this one:

    Anyone who has ever rescued a cat (or any animal for that matter) will surely relate to this.

    1. Well, Linda, this blog is an important part of my ministry–along with the books, my articles for Chalcedon, and even (to a lesser extent) my chess page–not to mention the weekly Newswithviews columns, which come out of my hide–so I can’t even think about giving it up. And I won’t.

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