Never Get Between a Hamster and Some Food

Domestication can produce some unexpected interactions between animals. Normally a cat would eat a hamster. The hamster would know this, and try to avoid the cat. But not this cat, and not this hamster. Watch the fun!

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    1. Indeed, Lee. Our God is astoundingly powerful, he makes the strongest human seem less consequential than a single atom of hydrogen, by comparison. But this inconceivably powerful being, has a sense of art that is unmatched by the most sensitive artist. A hamster is cute, there’s no other word for it, but He took the time to create them that way, much to our delight.

  1. We never know who will become friends. Here’s another surprising hamster friend 🙂

    1. Wow! I’ve heard of snakes that would accept rodents as friends and choose not to eat them, but I’ve never seen it until this video. I’d love to understand how animals see things.

    2. The intention of the zoo was to feed this hamster to the snake, but as we can see, the snake refused the meal and befriended the little guy. God is so full of wonderful surprises 🙂

    3. Well, that was quite amazing!
      I did see something similar once, at the Staten Island Zoo: a blue-tongued skink nestled amid the coils of a small python. They both seemed pretty happy with the arrangement.
      Thanks for the cool video!

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