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The Edmund Hillary of Hamsters

Admit it–if you were a hamster’s size, you’d never get up this flight of stairs, not if your life depended on it. I knew someone once who was as small as a hamster, and he just couldn’t manage stairs.

But watch this little guy! He doesn’t just climb ’em; he climbs ’em fast.

Is There a Hamster in the House?

If you think this video of a hamster exploring a dollhouse isn’t sufficiently exciting–well, a little imagination can fix that. Simply imagine that it’s a real house, a house for humans, and that the hamster going up and down the stairs is really that big. A gigantic huge hamster. Imagine a hamster as big as a pro wrestler scampering up your stairs.

As for the giant hand… Try to ignore it. Maybe it’ll go away.


Round and Round with Hamsters

When I watch hamsters do their stuff, I always wonder: how fast would a human being have to run, for his legs to vanish in a blur of perpetual motion? What would that look like?

Another thing I wonder about: how come the hamsters don’t get horribly dizzy from spinning themselves around and around so fast? How long would it take you to get riotously ill, doing that?

Klepto Hamster

Gee, this has all the makings of a Youtube challenge–see who can stuff the most toilet paper into his or her cheeks. The winner gets to be **Famous**! Or have they done that one already?

Here is a hamster stealing toilet paper and stuffing it into his cheeks; but the hamster has a really good reason for it. You can probably guess what it is. No, it has nothing to do with showing up the other pets as peasants and poltroons.

This, he said, is what it means to be a hamster.

Does the Video Work?

Now I have to try to post videos in a very roundabout way. I am trying to publish this crazy hamster video. Even today, it makes me laugh. The good Lord knows I need it!

Hamster Shows How It’s Done

Hamster balls hadn’t yet been invented, back when I had a hamster, so mine missed out on all the fun. Here a hamster demonstrates the technique of running around in a hamster ball–pursued by a bird who wants to get in on the act. Can you put a bird inside a hamster ball? What would happen if you put a jidrool inside a hamster ball?

Crazy Hamsters

Hamsters do a lot of things that are fun to watch–just just about impossible to understand. They give a new piquancy to the term “fall asleep.” They’re always eating. And how they spin around like they do, without getting helplessly dizzy for the rest of their lives, is something that merits serious investigation. Just in case we want to do it, too.

The Wheelie World of Hamsters

If you’re a hamster, the exercise wheel is where it’s at. Question: How come they don’t get dizzy? You could get dizzy just watching them. Question: Why don’t their legs fall off? Imagine if a human could run so fast, his legs were just a blur. How fast would that be?

Note: A crew of mice infiltrated this video by posing as hamsters. You’d think the long tales would have given them away. Obviously security was not all it could have been.

Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: Cat & Hamster

I once knew some hippies who tried to teach their dog to be a vegetarian. He ate their guinea pigs.

So I can’t help being surprised that the cat in this video doesn’t even try to eat the hamster, and the hamster isn’t the least bit afraid of the cat. We see more and more of this, now that just about everybody can post videos on youtube. And you know I’ve been wondering: Is God telling us something? I keep thinking these are glimpses into His Kingdom…

Bonus Video: Wacky Hamsters

This hamster compilation leaves us with two perplexing questions.

How in the world are they able to run so fast that their legs become a blur, like in a carton? Imagine how fast you could run, if you could move your legs like that.

And how are they able to spin themselves around so much without ever seeming to get dizzy? I mean, really, if you were on a merry-go-round that was going around as fast as some of these hamsters spin their wheels–well, you get the picture.

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