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More Cute Hamsters

There’s a guy on our street who self-identifies as a hamster. I think he belongs in Oy, Rodney.

Anyway, real hamsters are a lot cuter than that guy… And my IT guy has just arrived, so I must sign off for now. Enjoy the hamsters.

Roly-Poly Hamsters

Hamsters sure are roly-poly, you’ve got to give them that. Maybe it’s because they’re always eating. But then you watch them running on the exercise wheel… Hey, how fast could a human being run if, like a hamster, he could move his legs and feet so fast that they turn into a blur? Only hamsters and cartoon characters can do that!

A Hamster With a Problem

Hamsters are rodents, like rats and mice, so they should be pretty intelligent–right? Let us take intelligence for granted here.

Why, then, does this hamster walk backwards while he’s eating? He always winds up falling over something. This happens to human beings who walk backwards while they’re eating, too. But you’d think a hamster would figure out that he’s doing something wrong. But hamsters insist on doing things their own way.

The Joys of a Sand Bath

Have you ever tried this–a nice sand bath? What–you’re not a hamster? I guess if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this. Anyway, see these hamsters go to town on a sand bath. Admit it–you really want to try it out yourself. They say Burt Lancaster used to take a sand bath five times a week… and he was famous.

Never Get Between a Hamster and Some Food

Domestication can produce some unexpected interactions between animals. Normally a cat would eat a hamster. The hamster would know this, and try to avoid the cat. But not this cat, and not this hamster. Watch the fun!

Hamsters Forever

You know what’s cool about hamsters? Like cats, they can pack themselves into spaces that’re smaller than they are. We clumsy humans have never mastered that. Hamsters can also be spun around and around and around without getting dizzy–and even cats can’t do that.

If you like little roly-poly critters who do things that aren’t always easy to explain, these hamsters are for you.

Hamsters a la Carte

Some people think hamsters don’t do anything but sleep, fight with each other, and run on wheels. This video will prove them wrong.

Hamsters do a lot of different things. One of them, I hope, is to attract visitors to this blog today. We shall see.

Sanity Break: Fun with Hamsters

Cute and cuddly hamsters–well, mine were mostly grumpy and they slept a lot, but the ones in this video make me want to go out and get one myself. I don’t know what the cats would think of that.

Video Treat: Funny Hamsters

This is specially for my friend, “Jessicafischerqueen,” if she’s tuning in from South Korea. I think she has a thing for hamsters.

These two little guys, who look like rather young hamsters, still have a bit to learn about using an exercise wheel. But watch their feet–like something from a Roadrunner cartoon, moving so fast, you can hardly see them.

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