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Hamsters a la Carte

Some people think hamsters don’t do anything but sleep, fight with each other, and run on wheels. This video will prove them wrong.

Hamsters do a lot of different things. One of them, I hope, is to attract visitors to this blog today. We shall see.

Sanity Break: Fun with Hamsters

Cute and cuddly hamsters–well, mine were mostly grumpy and they slept a lot, but the ones in this video make me want to go out and get one myself. I don’t know what the cats would think of that.

Video Treat: Funny Hamsters

This is specially for my friend, “Jessicafischerqueen,” if she’s tuning in from South Korea. I think she has a thing for hamsters.

These two little guys, who look like rather young hamsters, still have a bit to learn about using an exercise wheel. But watch their feet–like something from a Roadrunner cartoon, moving so fast, you can hardly see them.

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