Hard-Boiled Hamster

I hope that headline didn’t strike you as too gruesome.

I never knew a hamster who ate hard-boiled eggs. (And I must be getting better, because that egg sure looks good to me!) It’s not like your turtle, who’ll eat anything. Do we have any eggs in the refrigerator?

An Astounding Feat of Hamster Strength

I guess animals are just way more athletic than we humans can ever hope to be.

Here a hamster climbs an uncarpeted flight of stairs. Could you do it, if you were his size?

I don’t know what he expects to get, once he’s climbed all the way up–but it must be something really good!

Why Hamsters Have Chubby Cheeks

In this video, Tinkerbell the hamster decides to unload her cheeks. We missed the time she spat out, in addition to a lot of seeds, a desk lamp, two paperback books, and half a dozen toy army men.

So why do hamsters have chubby cheeks? So they won’t need pockets!

Hamsters Give It a Whirl

I never had one of these flying saucer wheels for my mice; maybe they hadn’t been invented yet.

These look like young and inexperienced hamsters learning how to get the most out of their wheel. Two things about hamster videos always impress me: how can their legs move so fast… and how come they don’t get dizzy?

Houdini the Hamster

In this video, obtained at no small risk, you will see three hamsters demonstrate remarkable gifts for escape artistry. You will also see a hamster who wants to eat mealworms. This isn’t gross when a frog or a lizard does it, but we don’t want to see mammals chowing down on these.

Hamsters’ Bath-Time

I didn’t know hamsters love sand baths. I thought it was only chinchillas. Now I wonder whether my mice would have enjoyed sand baths.

Is it true that hamsters, decades ago, were grumpy little animals that have since been bred for nicer personalities? The ones I see in videos seem jollier than hamsters used to be.

Holy Moly, the Sun Came Out!

Ooh-ooh-ooh! It’s stopped raining! The sun came out!

I’d better get out there and start writing. It won’t be long now before the cold weather sets in and the ink won’t run from my pen (yes, I’ve actually tried to writing on days that cold–and that’s what happened), and I have a book I’ve got to finish.

Phoebe mentioned being as busy as a hamster spinning in a wheel, so here are some busy hamsters for you to contemplate. How come they don’t get dizzy when they do this? Sixty seconds of this stuff and I don’t think a human being would ever recover from it. This deserves serious study.

Ah, Behold! What a time I’ve had with you! It wasn’t till near the end of May that the weather allowed me to start work on you–a whole month lost, right out of the batter’s box. And I still don’t know what anybody in the story is going to behold.

Nevertheless, I am being pulled along willy-nilly, the current’s strong and I can’t swim against it–and, as Jackie Gleason used to say, awaaaay we go!

When Hamsters Hit the Skids

Apparently hamsters like sliding. I wonder how it compares to running so fast inside an exercise wheel that first your legs and then the rest of you turns into a blur.

The famed Egyptologist Howard Carter, who discovered and opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, has nothing to say about sliding hamsters.

Hyper Hamsters

How do hamsters do this? My mice enjoyed their exercise wheel, but never went anywhere near that fast. You’d think that after a while the hamster would realize what would happen if he pushed the wheel too hard, and he’d slow down. But you would be hopelessly wrong.

The hamster’s legs, as he does this, are only a blur. Consider: If a human being were running so fast that his legs could only be filmed as a blur… how fast would he be going?

It’s something to think about if you can’t get to sleep.

Whoa, Hamster! (Bonus Video)

This is too short to serve as our feature fillum tonight, but it’s well worth seeing. Is this a super-hamster? Look at him take those stairs! One cannot but marvel…