‘Give to the Winds Thy Fears’

Susan asked for this one: Give to the Winds Thy Fears. Here we have it sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

I had never heard this hymn before, but the melody was instantly recognizable as the tune that, in our church, went with Crown Him With Many Crowns.

If you know more sets of lyrics for this hymn, I’d be interested to hear about them.

3 comments on “‘Give to the Winds Thy Fears’

  1. I’d never heard these words to the tune before. Thanks for suggesting it, Susan; and thanks for posting it, Lee. I like Tennessee Ernie’s spoken intro, too.

    I have a hymn request: “Too Close to the Mirror.”

    1. That’ll be tomorrow’s hymn, if I can find it on youtube. Thanks for the request, Phoebe.
      And I am just eating my heart out for not having been able to take your course on Elizabethan schlock.

    2. I actually used to joke that some day I hoped to teach a course called “Absolutely Awful Plays of the Renaissance.” 🙂 But really, the single bit of schlock thrown in among the good stuff was supposed to show students how to tell good from bad, as well as to analyze how the good stuff used and/or responded to popular conventions of the time. Well, okay, and to have fun as well.

      I would have loved to have you sit in on one of my classes!

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