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‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

This hymn was on my mind all morning, so I took that to mean I ought to post it. Crown Him with Many Crowns, performed by the kids at the Fountainview Academy–you might want to turn up the volume here. And enjoy the glorious setting: God’s handiwork.

Christ’s Coronation Hymn

The great thing is, we who are His people, we will see Christ crowned! We will see it–King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose right it is to rule Creation.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this rendition by the kids at Fountainview Academy.

‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

Splendor and glory to Jesus Christ the Son of God, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Westminster Abbey is a fitting venue for him, although even Westminster Abbey falls far short of His due. But this is our Savior, who is equally at home in a lean-to, or sleeping under the stars. Crown Him with Many Crowns!

‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

Welcome on a Saturday morning–and we have the kids from Fountainview Academy, British Columbia, performing Crown Him With Many Crowns. Just getting the piano to this location was an achievement in itself:  but the hymn is beautiful.

‘Give to the Winds Thy Fears’

Susan asked for this one: Give to the Winds Thy Fears. Here we have it sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

I had never heard this hymn before, but the melody was instantly recognizable as the tune that, in our church, went with Crown Him With Many Crowns.

If you know more sets of lyrics for this hymn, I’d be interested to hear about them.

From Westminster Abbey, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

I love this hymn; and every now and then, I love to see a hymn get the V.I.P. treatment–after all, hymns are about the Most Important Person of all.

So here’s Crown Him With Many Crowns, complete with British royal family paying homage to the King of Kings who is over us all. Don’t be distracted by the sight of Queen Elizabeth in a yellow cowboy hat. The lesson here is a visual one: all earthly power, even royal power, is subordinate to the total sovereignty of God.

And yoo-hoo, I’m taking hymn requests all weekend… so let’s have some. Especially from some of you who’ve never asked us for a hymn before. Let’s hear from you!

Hymn, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

Usually I like my hymns simpler than this; but today I ask for something to blow a fierce, fresh wind through my mind: a hymn with a full orchestra and a couple hundred people singing it for all they’re worth. This is from St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, Wales.

Went to see my aunt, which was upsetting, and cranked out a News With Views column: I need to hear my King praised. I need to know He will come at the appointed time and cleanse the earth so God the Father can regenerate it.

Come, Lord Jesus–come!

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