‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

Your Favorite Hymns continues with Crown Him with Many Crowns, sung by the Martin Brothers. Background sets by God the Father.

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‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

This is an old Sunday school favorite, Crown Him with Many Crowns: sung by the congregation at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

By Request, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

Requested by Joshua–here’s an a cappella rendition of Crown Him With Many Crowns, by GLAD.

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‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

Well, it’s tomorrow and I’m still here. So let’s start the day with a Sunday school favorite, Crown Him with Many Crowns, sung by the Martin Brothers. Do you remember this one?

I’m open all day for hymn requests. Something tells me now is an especially good time for them.

‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’ (Fountainview)

We last heard this hymn sung in Westminster Cathedral; now we can here it sung out outdoors, by the kids at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia: Crown Him with Many Crowns.

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‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

It doesn’t get more high church than this–the British royal family at Westminster Cathedral, and the choir singing Crown Him with Many Crowns. Man’s royalty pays homage to the divine royalty of Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

I wanted to make sure to post something by Fountainview Academy. Crown Him with Many Crowns, by band and chorus–somewhere outdoors in beautiful British Columbia. God really does provide lovely settings; nor does He charge for their use.

‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

I don’t know her name, but “the Lutheran Warbler” keeps smiling at me from the youtube page, and I think she means to sing her way through the entire Lutheran hymnal–a project well worth doing, well worthy of applause. So here she is with Crown Him with Many Crowns.

‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

This hymn was on my mind all morning, so I took that to mean I ought to post it. Crown Him with Many Crowns, performed by the kids at the Fountainview Academy–you might want to turn up the volume here. And enjoy the glorious setting: God’s handiwork.

Christ’s Coronation Hymn

The great thing is, we who are His people, we will see Christ crowned! We will see it–King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose right it is to rule Creation.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this rendition by the kids at Fountainview Academy.