Writing a Book Can Be Exciting

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It was just about bedtime last night, and I wanted to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday, so I thought I’d do it as a brief post.

It was my hope yesterday to spend a lot of time writing the opening chapters of my new book, but what with one thing after another, I didn’t get to do much. So there I was, just before going up to bed, typing my thank-you post–and suddenly, half the new book (or more!) was in my head!

Never happened quite like that before. I’ve gotten climaxes and whole chapters while walking up a flight of stairs, or a few blocks down the sidewalk–but never such a huge chunk of a book. I had to stop, sit up, and blink my eyes. Then the excitement set in, and getting to sleep seemed unlikely for a little while.

And so it seems the book is going to go in a direction neither I nor the characters in the story ever expected; and yet, when I think about it, it makes perfect sense. One of those “Why didn’t I think of that much earlier?” moments.

I always ask the Lord to give me the story that He wants me to tell.

So He gave me a big piece of it, a few minutes before midnight, on my birthday.

I think I’ve gone way past the point of any expectation that I can teach anyone how to write a novel.

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  1. First to Linda:

    Wow! What an amazing video. The most advanced aircraft man has ever conceived cannot even approach what the average sparrow can do effortlessly. But that eagle goes above and beyond.

    Imagine navigating the air while threading between skyscrapers. In order to do that requires a level of awareness that is amazing, in and of itself. Then to swoop in at speed and land on its trainer’s arm adds another level of amazing capability. I can’t even imagine being able to do such a thing.

    Now to Lee:

    That is quite an event. I don’t claim to understand how the creative process works, but from my own humble attempts at working with music, I can attest that the ideas seem to come suddenly and out of nowhere.

    I don’t believe that you are inspired, in the sense of a bible writer whom is inspired of God to record a very specific message. I do believe that you are inspired by an appreciation for the written word of God and that appreciation infuses your writings. It would be impossible to write what you write, unless the writer was familiar with and truly loved God’s word, the Bible.

    So let me add my thumbs up to those of Fonzi the hamster. 🙂

  2. I so love the specific “just right” gifts that God gives. He so thoroughly knows each of us that the gifts He gives suit us so perfectly. And so often a God-our-Father gift is something that our heart has deeply desired and when we receive that gift, such a sense of satisfaction comes over us causing us who recognize the Gift-giver with a heart-felt gratitude.

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