Climbit Change Been Very, Very Good to Him!

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Some of these nabobs on the Left go out of their way to satirize themselves. In fact, you really can’t tell the satire from the actual news stories anymore.

Take Barack “Climate Change Charlie” Obama, for instance. (Take him as far away as possible.) You’d swear this was a satire, but it ain’t.

After lollygagging around French Polynesia on a rock producer’s luxurious private yacht, was time for the O to head for Milan, Italy, to speak at an international Climate Change/Global Warming confab. (

So he zooms halfway around the world in a private jet, then finishes the journey amid a 14-car entourage–all this maharajah’s missing is the elephants–plus helicopters flying overhead (to protect him from Republican suicide sky-divers, no doubt) and 300 extra police officers.

Can you say “carbon footprint bigger than some whole countries'”? Mon, have climbit change been very, very good to him!

I mean, does this guy act like he believes, even for a minute, in the crapola that he’s selling us? Ooh-ooh, we’re all gonna die because of Climbit Change! Gotta give the government more and more and more power over our lives, gotta set up an all-powerful world state, only the government can Save The Planet!

If hypocrisy did not exist already, Democrats would have invented it by now.

5 comments on “Climbit Change Been Very, Very Good to Him!

  1. I was once held up by Al Gore’s motorcade. The ‘carbon footprint” was off the charts, but that’s OK, because he has declared himself to be on the proper side of the issue. Take on the Mark of the Beast and you can do anything without criticism.

    1. Unless they repent, they’ll have plenty of carbon to make footprints with where they’re going.

  2. Yes for me, no for thee. The elites can’t possibly be expected to abide by the same standards as us peasants now can they.

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