‘Too Close to the Mirror’

My wife asks this question a lot: “What does He see in us?” This worship song–Too Close to the Mirror, by Eddie Ruth Bradford–has some answers. “I’m too close to the mirror to see what you see in me.” And God sees you not just as you are, but also, He sees “what you’re going to be.” Much comfort in those words!

Thanks, Phoebe, for this hymn request.

4 comments on “‘Too Close to the Mirror’

  1. Thank you so much, Lee. I love this hymn.

    Before I became a Christian, someone I knew said to me, “God loves you.” I instinctively responded, “Then God has very poor taste.” Now I still tend to think so, but I’m immensely grateful for it! (I hope that didn’t sound blasphemous.)

    1. Phoebe, I think we all feel unworthy. We might also call it humility before The Lord Of Glory.

  2. Indeed, I feel the same way about my unworthiness, but am so grateful for being chosen for His forever family. It is grace, not worthiness, else we would all be lost.

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