Your Furry Business Partner

If you work at home, with your own office set-up, you can’t always be there to answer your phone. No probs–that’s where your cat comes in. Like so.

Hey, if you think that’s bad, wait’ll Kitty learns to walk around on your computer keyboard.

“I ordered what from where–?”

2 comments on “Your Furry Business Partner

  1. Lol! My daughter’s Golden Retriever did that! I called my daughter one evening when she was bathing her daughter. No problem. Shadow heard Gramma’s voice on the answering machine (we still used those then) saying ‘Tammy, Louie, Shadow – is anybody there?’ – (or something close to that). Apparently when he heard his name, Shadow picked up the receiver and brought it to my daughter. This is the same dog who used to take checks and money out of my purse. Never anything else – just checks and money!

  2. I’m not sure what the cat’s purpose was in knocking the receiver off the hook, but it obviously did so deliberately, because as soon as the deed was done the cat left, satisfied with the results. 🙂

    One fine day, hopefully very soon, we will see the restitution of all things and, for the first time since Eden, we will know just how things were supposed to work between animals and mankind. I think that we may learn that they are a gift to mankind that goes beyond our imagination.

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