Weird Cat Ritual

Great prize–jackalope hunting license–to anyone who can explain what this cat is doing. Is he instructing the kittens? But it doesn’t look like their eyes are open yet, so any mystic gestures are wasted on them.

Oh, wait! I remember a line from a great literary work: “Mandrake gestures hypnotically…” Gee, I think I’ve just won my own prize.

11 comments on “Weird Cat Ritual

  1. That is strange. It may be that its just not happy with the kittens being on the counter, and doesn’t know what to do. Maybe she needs some Place-Doh. 🙂

    1. This auto-correct feature is out of control. I type commands into devices all the time and those have to be 100% perfect, or they don’t work, so I’m not that bad of a typist.

    2. You can disable the auto correct. Are you on an iphone or ipad? You can go to the settings app, go to Keyboard, and there is an option to disable autocorrect.

  2. I suspect someone is playing tricks with a string. Or maybe there’s a cobweb. Or the mom cat is saying, “Oh, you kids make me crazy — I could tear my hair out.” Or then again, who knows why cats do things?

  3. This obviously isn’t the mama kitty (no feeding stations), so my guess is it’s maybe it’s the dad clapping at the great job he did!

    1. I didn’t catch that. Whatever the case, I think it’s a cat that felt that something needed to be done, but couldn’t effect anything on its own.

    2. Another good point. A mama would have known what to do: just pick them up in her mouth and move them lol

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