Memory Lane: ‘What Did Delaware?’

Hoo, boy, do I need a sanity break! The delivery man ignored the sign we taped to the door, “Place All Deliveries in the Foyer,” and left the box on the front step: I almost broke my neck on it when I stepped outside. “Foyer? What’s a foyer?” And then the bank threw up all sorts of bureaucratic obstacles to my opening a Qualifying Income Trust account for Aunt Joan so she can get on Medicaid…Eeyah!!! You should see the paperwork!

Right. Okay. Chinese food tonight. I am afraid my wife will plotz if she has to make supper, after all this.

But this song brought a smile to my face.

Perry Como, 1959–What Did Delaware? “She wore a brand New Jersey,” of course. Hey, I remember this song! And I like it even better now. It’s funny, witty, clever, and also pretty good at teaching a ten-year-old some United States geography.

Lean back and enjoy it!

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  1. That’s even better than I remember it! I wish we good still get good, innocent songs again.

    Remember when love songs were mostly about marriage, endless devotion, self-sacrifice, and all that stuff that’s gone out of style?

    Yup, I’m an old fogey, all right.

    1. That should have been “I wish we COULD still….” These darn keyboards just won’t cooperate. And no Edit function here, either.

    2. Oh, good — then can you edit my reply to Linda, below, where I wrote “it’s prounounce ‘yiz'” instead of “pronounced”? Sheesh, the keyboard is NOT cooperating today!

  2. Oh boy! I sure remember this 🙂 And Perry Como was always one of my favorites. I used to call him the ‘armchair singer’ because it seemed to come so naturally to him, like he was lounging in his living room. And I, too, much prefer those days of innocence. Thanks, Lee.

    1. The link is very amusing. But they got the regional division a little wrong. Not all of the non-South says “you guys” rather than “y’all.” In the Bronx, where I grew up (and I think in Brooklyn, too), it’s “yiz.” You’ll normally see it spelled “youse,” but it’s pronounced “yiz.” 🙂 Lee, I believe in northern New Jersey they actually say “youse,” right? 🙂

    2. My father, born and bred in Central Jersey, used to say “yiz.” I think in a few enclaves in Jersey City they say “youse.” Later in life, he only said “yiz” if he was really cheesed off.

    3. And then there are Pennsylvanians like my aunt who say you-uns 🙂

  3. I remember, vaguely, that song. When I was but a tyke, I was in a drug store in Rochester, MN with my father. My dad pointed to a man on the other side of the store and told me that it was Perry Como, apparently in town for the Mayo Clinic. What a great singer/entertainer he was. In Osco rugs, he looked pretty average. 🙂

    1. I had a feeling that was what you meant. But I don’t want everybody getting the idea that I want to do a lot of editing.

      Speaking of funny rug stores, there was one in a local mall that displayed, proudly, its sign: “Fried Carpet.” I wonder what it tasted like. Ya want fries with that?

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