Sanity Break: Kittens Discover a Bidet

Patty’s friend posted this on our Facebook page. It cracked me up.

A lot of Americans, including me, have never seen a bidet–let alone sat down on one and gotten the surprise of a lifetime. We don’t think in terms of water shooting out from the toilet.

Neither, it seems, do cats. But these kittens soon learn how to have fun with it.

2 comments on “Sanity Break: Kittens Discover a Bidet

  1. What I enjoy the most is the utter innocence of these creatures. They are exploring the world around them, curious about every new thing they encounter.

  2. These little cuties weren’t sure just what to do about this situation. Hilarious! And I did it again – clicked on the ‘next up’ video of bengals in the backyard zooming around and trying to figure out how to operate on a slide 🙂

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