The Second Tower of Babel

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Trying to prove himself God’s equal, Satan always tries to do what God does. The result is never more than a lame or perverted imitation. But God confounded human language, to stop the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), so Satan has gotta confound the language, too.

He has chosen our colleges and universities to serve him in this enterprise.

Take a gander at this snippet from The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston.

“John Hoopes organized a talk at his university… When I asked him what the talk would cover, he explained to me the discussion would be mostly aimed at helping students ‘think about how “hot” issues such as those of colonialism, white supremacy, hypermasculinity, fantasy and imagination, and indigenous rights… intersect with the narratives that have been and are being spun about [an archeological site].” (pgs. 275-276)

If they thought the jungle growth around their site was thick, it was nothing compared to the impenetrable mass of academic drivel now growing up around it. You’re trying to learn something about an archeological study, and you have to machete your way through all that pure crapola… You’ll never be able to cut it down as fast as it grows up. Academic drivel grows like kudzu.

And in another email sent to me today, Gloria Steinem–a silly old fraud who tries to think young, but hasn’t had a new idea since 1972–blames “forced childbirth” for Global Warming. By “forced childbirth” she means, I think, simply not having an abortion. You see, abortion helps to Save The Planet.

How come everything low-down, bad, or evil is pitched to us as necessary to Save The Planet? I mean, if that were really what we had to do to save it, would it even be worth saving?

But again we see language being used to lie to us and confuse us. I’m sure you can think of as many more examples as I can.

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  1. Yes, as it was in the days of Noah… the imaginings of mens’ hearts was only evil, to the point that God said, I regret that I ever made them…

  2. I believe it was Solomon that told us there was “nothing new under the Sun” and, in spite of all our high tech goodies, I tend to agree.

    The issues of our day have deep roots, in many cases going back to the earliest recorded history. From time immemorial, people have used sophistry to claim the high ground and to direct the thoughts of others. I have to admit, “forced childbirth” is a new one on me, but in the olden days, instead of abortion, they just trotted their unwanted children off to the nearest statue of Moloch to be “sacrificed”. The result was the same, one less mouth to feed and a perfect excuse to walk away from responsibility without shame. Instead of stating the truth, that they had killed a human, they called it a ritual sacrifice and that made things all better.

    But Satan has been twisting the meaning of words since Eden, and he has demonstrated a great deal of skill in doing so. Satan started by asking Eve: ““Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” He framed the question dishonestly, making a false blanket statement which misconstrued the prohibition of eating from one tree into a more general prohibition. God’s command to abstain from the fruit of one particular tree imposed no hardship on Adam and Eve, but Satan framed his words to make it seem like it had. He then stated that God had lied to them saying: “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    Decades ago, advertisers experimented by sending out similar various types of ads with different wording. They found that the phrase which got the highest reins rate was “you have been lied to”. Hmmmmm? S’pose that Satan already understood that little detail about the human psyche?

    So it is not surprising that the Left uses manipulative language to make people feel like victims. Instead of asking a stark question about taking the life of the unborn, they use terms such as “reproductive health”, “choice” and “forced childbirth”, all terminology I find to be manipulative and disingenuous.

    Nothing is new under the Sun.

  3. “Save the Planet,” indeed, forsooth. Maybe someone should point out that most of our civilization is a series of attempts to save ourselves FROM the planet — e.g., farming techniques to compensate for the planet’s natural floods, droughts, high winds, hail, tornadoes, locusts, etc.; shelter to protect us from predators wandering the planet; clothes to protect us from the extremes of heat and cold on most parts of the planet; and all the rest. Comrades, let us organize against the wickedness of this planet! To arms, to arms! …. Sorry, I got carried away. Mob-think tends to do that to people.

    1. It would seem that the upcoming generation has lost touch with the fact that this natural world can be a bit hostile. I spent my childhood in southern Minnesota, and I can tell you from experience that without heat one will not last too long at all during the height of winter. I’m currently in Arizona, and every year there are reports of people dying from exposure during the summer. Just last year, a co-worker lost a cousin that way.

      One hundred fifty years ago, or more, the hearty settlers in Minnesota burned wood to keep warm. Once the railroad arrived they may well have switched to coal, but either of those sources would seem incredibly dirty by the standards of our day. My boyhood home was heated with propane for the first year or so, then natural gas became available. We had clean, safe and reliable heat during my childhood, and I was happy to have it. Considering the respiratory problems I had as a child, it’s a safe assumption that I would not have survived to adulthood without said heat.

      But none of this means much of anything to someone that can’t even conceive of a world without comfort at the push of a button. Today’s youth don’t understand that if they regulate these things out of existence they will get very cold, very fast.

      Perhaps one of the most ridiculous things is the near worship of Nikola Tesla. Tesla was responsible for much of the foundational theories which govern AC power distribution. He had a theory that power could be harvested from the atmosphere itself. He never completed this project and it has never been proven that his theory was correct. But the legends have turned Tesla into yet another persecuted victim and if only he had not been opposed we would all be using unlimited free energy that did not pollute in any way.

      OK, I’m calling shenanigans on this. The starting point is to demonstrate that energy can be harvested from the atmosphere in a practical way. My two cents worth say that if it were possible, someone would have found a way to make it happen and became quite wealthy as a result. Instead, we have the endless copies of pictures of Tesla, admittedly a brilliant man, but no proof whatsoever that he can harvest electricity from the atmosphere in any practical manner.

      The same sort of thing, BTW, holds true with the notion of hydrogen as an energy source. It is true that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, bit that doesn’t mean that we can just go out an gather up some hydrogen to power our homes, cars etc. The most practical source of hydrogen is water and it is actually simple to separate hydrogen and oxygen within water into fuel and oxidizer. Unfortunately, it requires energy to do so and the energy released by burning these elements will probably be slightly less than what it took to separate them in the first place. There have been experiments which resulted in a positive energy yield, but I don’t believe that this has ever been done in real-world conditions, outside of a lab. The true believers don’t seem to notice this.

      So, much like the tower of Babel, we have all sorts of big ideas and plans, but not much in the way of real world results. Humans can’t solve the problems apart from our Maker. He hasn’t revealed all of the details of His plan for developing the earth and the betterment of mankind, but we can be certain that it is workable and loving. Just look at His works all around us. God’s stuff works!

    2. Don’t forget what a “student” said to Rushdoony, when he asked her how she proposed to eat if no one raised food crops anymore: “Food just is!”
      We are dealing with well-nigh invincible stupidity, and what we offer in the way of “education” only makes it worse.

  4. There’s something vaguely familiar about this ‘monkey god’ thing. Oh, yeah, I seem to recall talk of Obama carrying around a monkey god in his pocket. Hmmm . . .

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