Here Be Dragons

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Before I get into any of the depressing news of the day–if I get into it at all–I’d like to devote a little more thought to this weekend’s topic of conversation: creatures that shouldn’t be there, but maybe they are.

Linda told us of her husband’s experience as a member of a recon unit in Vietnam: they found a gigantic spider web occupied by a gigantic spider. How gigantic? Big enough so that he worried that if a man blundered into that web, he’d never get out alive. But he couldn’t get his commanding officer to authorize a return to that location. It was a war zone, and no one had time for giant spiders.

And Marge told us of someone, whom she has no reason to disbelieve, who claims to have seen living Dimetrodons somewhere in Vietnam’s jungles.

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Those are just two of hundreds, maybe thousands, of cryptozoological reports that crop up every year. People are always seeing animals that shouldn’t be there. From the Lake Murray, New Guinea, tyrannosaur to the Jersey Devil in the New Jersey pine barrens, there are still a lot of odd corners in the world, possibly with very odd things living in them.

Which, at least to my way of thinking, makes it all the more interesting.

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    1. The Royal Zoological Society was convinced the first specimens of platypus sent to them from Australia were a hoax.

    1. BTW, I fished your comments out of the spam bucket this morning, and they should eventually appear. I have no idea why they wound up in the spam bucket in the first place. I suspect WordPress only does this to annoy us..

  1. From the jungles of Southeast Asia to the Pacific Northwest to the Amazon jungles – and even the great deep – there are many areas rarely, if ever, traveled on this wonderful planet God has created for us. There are likely many more surprises in store from our ever creative Creator! 🙂

    1. The oceans have provided a steady supply of surprises. Science was taken aback when fumaroles were discovered locally heating water to high temperatures, but there were forms of life that did just fine in those environments.

      The view out of my office window includes the Tucson Mountains, which are said to be extinct volcanoes. They certainly look the part. Seeing these day in and day out leaves one with a sense that there is much more to history than we can comprehend. I don’t claim to know just how old these mountains are or when they were volcanically active, But I can only imagine that the region was quite different in those days.

      Near my hometown of Denver, there are tilted rocks that appear to be uplifted from the surrounding terrain. On one of these, only a few miles from the home where I spent my adolescence, there is such an uplift and a dandy set of Stegosaurus footprints, now tilted roughly 90 degrees. Did it happen just before the Flood? I have no way to know.

      But I believe with all of my heart that whatever has happened came about because of the Creator’s will and that He will never abandon His creation. I would love to meet a Stegosaurus, the state dinosaur of Colorado, in the restitution of all things.

    2. That would be an incredibly enriching experience. In creation, as it was originally intended, animals posed no threat to humans and I’m certain that we’ll see that again.

      That having been said, I must admit that I liked it in Jurassic Park when the weasel of a bad guy was eaten by a T-Rex.

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