‘Christian Mommy’ Goes Evil

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Where do you even begin with a story like this?

We start with a “Christian mommy blogger” who becomes the idol and oracle of millions, writes a New York Times best-seller, makes boxcar-loads of money–and then “marries” another woman ( http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/sarah-stites/2017/05/16/christian-mommy-blogger-marries-female-soccer-star-media-avoid … sorry, it’s one of those stupid links that’s impossible to copy because it’s too long: if you want to read the original story, go to Newsbusters).

This woman dumped her husband. She has three children. So what? They might as well be three goldfish, for all the serious thought they get. I hope I would take care of a goldfish better than this Christian mommy is taking care of her children.

And in the spirit of stomping all over the Third Commandment (“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”), this Christian mommy takes refuge in tired old flatline Protestant cliches.

Jesus never gave a sermon denouncing homosexuality; therefor homosexuality is perfectly okay. (He never denounced abortion, either. Guess that’s okay, too.)

Oh! And we can’t possibly proceed without the slogan, “LOVE WINS!” Yeah. Any ol’ kinda “love.” Doesn’t matter what kind.

O Lord Our God, when you judge our nation, remember, we pray, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. How can you even begin to talk about something so unbelievably sick and sinful. This creature gives a bad name to “mommy”. I know, the Jenner
    creature has gone even beyond, but somehow, I just always held mothers to a higher standard. That is shot down in flames.

  2. “we can’t possibly proceed without the slogan, ‘LOVE WINS!’ ”

    Good old Rob Bell gave the gift that keeps on giving with that one. According to Bell, at least as I understand his teaching, we all have infinite opportunity and unlimited do-overs, until we finally get it right and are blessed by God for all eternity, no matter what we choose to do or how many commandments we break along the way.

    What strikes me about this is that would mean there are infinite opportunities to have negative effects upon the lives of others, even if those others are totally innocent in all of this. What a crock!

    1. It’s difficult to fathom what sort of mind not only dreams this stuff up, but then portrays is as the new ‘normal’. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

    2. I can’t help thinking that a major factor in this is a mindless, undirected desire to be “famous.” The media make a big deal of it, and so the perpetrators feel like a big deal. The age of reality TV is a perpetual freak show.

    3. You could be on to something, Lee. My dad always called the television ‘the boob tube’ – looks like he was right. It produces not much more that dolts.

    4. I’m certain that you are right about this. IMO, “Reality TV” is a travesty. We live in a time when the trivial is treated as if it were news and hard factual news has been trivialized. All of it becomes an advertisement for a lifestyle devoid of any spiritual element whatsoever.

      It’s not just potentially controversial subjects, but even more mundane things, such as shows on HGTV that dramatize home buying and renovation into supposed entertainment. I’ve seen a few of these while stuck in waiting rooms and I’m amazed 1) that anyone would waste their time watching such drivel and 2) that no one seems to bat an eye when young working couples harness themselves into hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt load. Do these people not realize that they are on the hook for a fortune if property values collapse?

      As in the days of Noah, they did not take note of what was happening and just went on as if nothing would ever change.

    5. The best thing that can be said about any of this is that the return of Our King nears!

  3. This fallen world is so sad. I grip onto the Lord as tight as I can because I have seen people who appear amazingly Godly fall hard. The temptations that we endure are never more than we can handle. If only we remember that when it happens

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