A Few Zany Dogs

Having trouble getting your cat into the carrier for his trip to the vet? Let your puppy do it!

Then there are some dogs who are not quite so clever as that.

But you’ve got to admit they’re fun!

3 comments on “A Few Zany Dogs

  1. Even though I am a committed cat person, I will be the first to say that dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. They are brace, kind, companionable and loyal. The advancement of animal husbandry was greatly abetted by having dogs to protect the flocks from predators.

    They are, however, not good at carrying wide objects through doors. Thank God that dogs are never employed to park airplanes. If they can’t handle a 6′ wide stick through a doorway I would shudder to think of what they would do with a 30′ wide airplane wing on a tight ramp. 🙂

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