Freee Speach It Dont Cover No Hat Speach!

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We had a Big demmastracion hear “at” Collidge this moning to forse them Biggits in Austrialier to leaglize Gay Marridge and then some Hater he come Along “and” saying Marridge jist a man And a wimmin i culdnt beleave Ennyone thay wuld say somthing So hatful And biggited so We al Beat him up and aslo we turned his Car over excep it turned out It Was “a” prefessers Car and he got kind of Mad!

And then we had a Teach-In and we lernt that Howerd the Deen, i dont know “waht Collidge he” is deen of but Iff he is a deen Then he must Be “exter” Smart, he sayed the Frist Ammendant it dont cover no hat speach and we Must Not Alow no boddy to say nothing aginst Diversity!! Enny One “whoo” deevates from *Diversity* thay got to be Stoped and throwed In Jale! thay has no Rihgjt to Dis-Respeck and Not Agreee with *Diversity*!!

I dint know thare is stil Cuontrys thay has Not leaglized Gay Marridge in Fact it shuld Be The “only kind” of Marridge that are alowed! but i gess Wee wil has to weit for Pressadint Obamma wen he’s Pressadint of the Worled and then Not have Gay Marridge “it” wil be Aginst The Law!!!

Wel alll that demmastraitin It made “me” hongry so i has got to fined Some sox to has for lunch! Becose To Morrow we has got a Even biggger demmastracion for Univercial Free Helath Care and aslo Univercial Free Tution at Collidge for as Long “as yiu” kneed to Stay thare and aslo Free Univercial Food! And iff we has Time “we” wil aslo demmastrait For “it” be Aginst The Law to say Any thing Bad abote Sceince!!!

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  1. Oooh, Joe Collidge is going to be in trouble for saying Gay Marridge should be the only kind of Marridge. What about trans marriage (sorry, I can’t keep doing Joe’s advanced spelling) and polygamy and interspecies marriage, not to mention the latest craze – I mean right – sologamy (marrying oneself)? Tsk, tsk, I would hate – oops, I mean dislike – for Joe to be beaten up as a hater. So he’d better watch his step. 🙂

  2. Joe, maybe you should sit down under a shade tree somewhere with a paper and pencil (I know, archaic) and make a list so you don’t exclude any person or group. A shade tree is important because if you’re sitting out in the sun thinking so hard, your antenners may fry. You’d have big trouble then!

    1. I couldn’t bear to watch that video. Just the screenshot was enough to make my skin crawl.

      Humans are created in God’s image. To my ear, that sounds like a privileged position. Also, quite importantly, Genesis tells us that He created us male and female. It strikes me that sexual identity is an important part of humanity.

      The notion of becoming a sexless creature makes no sense to me. Why would someone want to abandon all possibility of a sexually fulfilling relationship? As I age and gain experience, I see this entire aspect of life in a different light, and I now see that having a family is a wonderful gift. It’s frustrating to see how hard it is for young families to take root in this strange world, but God’s last words on the subject instructed us to fill the earth. Ultimately, I see this sexless movement as a form of defying that command.

    2. Look what you went and did! Those videos brought me close to tears. Well, I guess they should: glimpses into the mind and loving providence of God; and the soft voice of Creation whispering, “God is nigh; God is nigh.”

    3. Me too, Lee. Joyous tears 🙂 God touches our hearts in many ways through His creation. So much for the old school of thought that did not allow for thought processes, emotion, gratitude from animals. They’re a wondrous gift!

    4. That background music in the horned old video is haunting me. I’ve heard it before, but never knew the title of that piece of music. Do you? Anybody else out there?

    5. Those videos are very heartwarming. Thanks for posting the link, Linda. It made my day, and was certainly an improvement over the subject matter dominating the nooze.

      The background music in the owl video is almost certainly Mozart, but that’s as much help as I can offer. It’s a popular piece, but I have no idea of its name.

      When mankind fell, our relationship with animals was damaged. In the last few years I’ve heard numerous reports of extraordinary interactions between humans and animals. Others I’ve spoken to have commented on the same phenomena. Perhaps the stage is being set for restitution.

      Earlier today, I was reading Revelation, about the unprecedented earthquake. This was in conjunction with an article I read about the ways our weather changed at the Flood, especially with regard to the uplift as the vast watery deeps were released. No one knows for certain, but it would seem likely that our fallen world is quite unlike the world as God prepare it to be inhabited.

      I used to wonder what the future held, when all was restored, but I’ve come to realize that I can’t comprehend it any more than a fish could comprehend living in a gaseous atmosphere. Simply, we’ll have to wait and see with our own eyes, when the time comes.

    6. How does one go about identifying a piece of music when one doesn’t have the title or the author, only the tune? Someone ought to invent a way to do that.

    7. Uh, I think I’ll go and look for a cat or dog video to post, just now. And not some wacko who thinks he’s a cat.

  3. “How does one go about identifying a piece of music when one doesn’t have the title or the author, only the tune? Someone ought to invent a way to do that.”

    There are smartphone apps to do that, but they rely on codes embedded in CDs and other digital music sources.

    I can state with authority that this is Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A Major, K 331. I didn’t use a smartphone ad, but took a slightly circuitous route. I dimly remember hearing it in the movie Amadeus, plus it has a Mozart sound and feel to it. I was guessing piano sonata, because there wasn’t an orchestra. From that point, I took a Gretsch Country Gentleman from its hanging place, verified that it was in tune and played along with the video. As soon as I knew it was in A Major, I put “Mozart Piano Sonata A Major” into the search engine and the first hit was #11. So, all you need is a Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar, an electronic guitar tuner and to have practiced all of your Major scales, like a good boy. 🙂

    1. The guitar did most of the heavy lifting. 🙂

      Honestly, it was little more than chance. When I heard it I remembered the movie Amadeus and without that I probably would have given up before I started.

    2. It took someone with great ears (to hear your wish) and even greater programming skills to make this happen in one day. 🙂

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