Candidate Body-Slams Noozie–and Wins Election

Still no actual video, but here’s the audio…

Okay, 70% of the vote had already been cast when Republican candidate Greg Gianforte ran out of patience with a reporter from the British left-wing newspaper, The Guardian, and allegedly body-slammed him ( I haven’t found any video of the incident.

In Montana’s special Congressional election, Gianforte won with 50% of the vote, the Democrat getting only 43%. It would have been an even bigger blowout if not for a Libertarian joke candidate siphoning off another 5%.

Gianforte has been charged with a misdemeanor assault. Meanwhile, noozies and late-night “comics” have been beating their breasts over the incident and trying to blame it all on Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general. They need to get out more. Try walking across the Berkeley campus with a Trump button on your lapel and see if you can make it.

They’re also flummoxed by the public’s sudden (as they see it) lack of love, honor, and respect for their profession, laughingly known as “journalism.” They should watch British TV shows and movies. If you can find one, just one, example of “journalists” being portrayed as anything better than a swarm of noisy buzzing blowflies, then you’ve found something rare indeed.

Yes, noozies–we regular people distrust you, find you annoying, consider you profoundly dishonest, and, on the whole, despise you. We know you’re hand in glove with left-wing politicians who hate us, consider us “deplorables,” and want to pull the country out from under us. We know what you’re up to!

And if you really, truly expect us to be upset because someone body-slammed one of you, you’ve got more screws loose than we thought.

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  1. This will be interesting to watch, as it develops. My first question it, WTH interest does a left-wing British newspaper have in a congressional election in Montana? I have no sympathy for the reporter, they British press have hardly distinguished themselves in any positive manner at any time during my lifespan.

    I don’t know enough about the specific incident to even render an opinion as to what happened, but in general, I think that the press has become far too intrusive into . . . everything. Honest to goodness, I don’t pay any attention to ANY of the MSM and haven’t in years. Maybe they should consider a productive line of work.

    Overall, I see this as just another example of the deterioration of our civilization. This pressure cooker seems about ready to blow apart.

  2. Society is breaking down at every level. The violence in the streets and on college campuses has now filtered its way into government and media. The buzz put forward is, of course, it’s Trump’s fault for his ant-media stance.

    Judgment has arrived at our door. I don’t look for improvement in the near future, but rather a further deterioration. In fact, Jesus will bring peace and order. Until then, we should pray, watch and prepare our hearts.

    1. I’m with you 100% on this Linda. I’m not looking for any improvement until the Second Coming. I wish it could be better, but it doesn’t look like things are moving in that direction. We know that there is a time of tribulation in store and apparently that time is not far off.

    2. We may begin to look like the British Parliament with fistfights in the aisles of Congress. I wouldn’t be surprised with all the rhetoric I’m hearing.

      Having been blessed above all nations, judgment is long overdue and Our God is a Righteous and Just Father. In judgment, Oh Lord, remember mercy.

    3. I’ve long feels that the US served a purpose in God’s overall plan, but I don’t claim to know the details, by any means. Our nation has lost so much over the years. It was once a much more honest and decent place than it is today.

      This morning, while waiting in line, was exposed to the conversation of a couple of people in their late twenties or early thirties. Their PC notions combined with a affected accent that sounded vaguely like the Valley Girls fad of the eighties made it all surreal. Decades ago, it would have seemed like a Saturday Night Live skit, but these people were serious. As a culture, we have become what we once mocked and derided.

      I would rather have not heard them, but they were so involved in their own little world that they made no effort to keep the volume of their conversation at appropriate levels. Not once did I hear anything that would lead me to believe that they were even aware of the world around them. They struck me as vacuous and completely self involved. At the end of a week marked by the slaughter of children in both Manchester and Cairo they were consumed with office gossip and self-centered drivel.

      Sadly, this sort of mentality seems to be growing and gaining influence. I’m not surprised to see the political realm being dragged deeper and deeper into the mire, it is a product of the society it represents.

  3. There are several things that I gleam from this incident. We are becoming more balkanized as a society. This is not healthy for our Republic. I don’t believe what Gianforte did was the right thing. Some on the Right have begun to believe that the only way to fight fire is with fire, and are adopting many of the Left’s tactics. But they are sacrificing their principles in the process. What is the point of winning if you becoming the thing you are fighting against? We are supposed to be better than that. If that continues it will be the end of civil society. Lastly, some have tried to indirectly blame Trump because of his rhetoric against the media. Yet these same people didn’t say a word about Obama’s rhetoric against the police. And he never condemned BLM, which led to an increase in police fatalities. As a nation I feel as if we are still headed in the wrong direction. The only thing that can help us at this point is national repentance. Maybe putting on sackcloth and ashes couldn’t hurt either.

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