Our Plant Still Lives

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All it had to contend with was getting squashed flat by an oaf of a delivery man setting a 30-pound carton on it, and then day after day of cold, dreary, rainy weather. In fact, our town’s Memorial Day parade had to be canceled today on account of nasty weather. Global Warming, right…

But after battling to regain a mostly upright position, Patty’s poor monarda plant began to put out new growth–and today, of all things, it has produced a flower. It wasn’t supposed to bloom until next year, but it’s blooming now.

A little thing, but to us a cause for thanksgiving. Our Lord likes to do small things! Because, yes, He’s big enough for that.

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  1. Oh happy day! Indeed, Lee, God does like to do small things – especially when His children ask Him, knowing He will do it. It may be a small thing for Him, but to us, it’s big. It’s a symbol of the restoration to come! Praise and thanks be to Our God!

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